Should you go keyless?

May 22, 2018Home Automation, Smart Home, Smart Lock

Locks have been the icon of home safety for the longest time. It only makes sense for us to have one on our doors, and it acts as a strong deterrent for burglary (even though burglary doesn’t just happen with a pick of the lock). Many of us have asked ourselves these questions: have I … Read More

Remote internship with igloohome, via!

May 16, 2018Job Openings, Smart Lock

Hi, I’m Andrea Virrey and on the 19th of March 2018, I embarked on an enlightening and fun journey with igloohome! I was one of the first Australian interns to work across borders with igloohome via It’s a platform that connects Asian start-ups with a pool of university students. While I’m not too unfamiliar … Read More

5 Best Review Sites for Tech Gadgets

May 14, 2018Technology

Nearly every day, a lot of products are developed and released. Overloaded with an abundance of information, we often find it hard to make the best decisions. Consumers are quick to believe that products match the descriptions as advertised – but what happens if it doesn’t? A quick and easy solution is to search for … Read More