15 Beautiful Industrial-Chic Design Ideas for Your Home

Industrial homes are HUGE these days. Furniture have gone rustic, indoor walls gone bricked, and wires, pipes and bulbs are now proudly displaying their bare-nakedness. For the older generation, it doesn’t quite make sense to them why we’re exposing everything now when what they tried hard to do back then was to conceal and hide.

1. Exposed Brick Walls

igloohome industrial chic home design

Exposed brick walls are the ultimate feature that will make any home scream industrial! The red brick walls are a classic, and are great for any living area. If you’re looking for a more unique look, why not try white walls? Of better yet, half red and white walls? They create texture whilst adding the industrial vibe more subtly.

2. Cements/Concrete

igloohome industrial chic home design
Photo credits: HomeDeco, Architizer, Pinterest 

 Concrete is a big part of any industrial home. Some opt to have concrete dining tables, so prefer to stay subtle with cemented walls. You can also go all out by having a home with all concrete! They are uncommon, and create a consistent theme throughout the whole home.

3. Not another Pipe dream

igloohome industrial chic home designs Photo credits: blink STUDIOSArchitizer 

Some might ask: Why the need for exposed pipes? Well, they are not only a different sight in homes, they are also useful as well! They make for easy viewing of the pipes so if anything goes wrong, you know which one it is.

4. Subway tiles

igloohome industrial chic home designs
Photo credits: Roomble, oh my goodies, Pinterest 

From white offset subway tiles to black herringbone subway tiles, they are immediately reminiscent of underground subways, with all its classic industrial charm. Besides, they are waterproof, making them great from bathrooms and kitchens. Choose subway tiles with a little more texture or use a contrasting coloured grout to make the tiles really pop!

5. We’re gonna swing from the chandeliers

igloohome industrial chic home design Photo credits: CURATED, Pinterest 

Pendant lighting has become amazingly popular these recent years, with exposed wires draping across the ceiling and the unconventional looking bulbs.

6. Metal furniture and furnishings

igloohome industrial chic home design

With the rise of the industrial times, metal was often used in factories and offices as they were cheap and hardy. Of course, metal dining chairs and bed frames aren’t exactly the cheapest now, but they are still extremely cool and sturdy!

7. Beehive tiles


Beehive tiles may not seem as though they are the most industrial looking, but we were going more for a Great Gatsby vibe with these copper and mirror glazed tiles!

8. Chalkboard

igloohome industrial chic home designs Photo credits: mona cuotoThời Báo.today

Chalkboards add an early industrial sensibility to any room, and they instantly create a space for you to add your favourite quotes, drawings, or even a space for you reminders: like you grocery list!

9. Add a splash of colour

igloohome industrial chic home design Photo credits: Bēhance, Woodsave, Pinterest 

Who says having an industrial home means it has to be all black, drab and boring? Add splashes of colour here and there with coloured chairs, counters or even walls!

10. Don’t forget your home accessories

igloohome industrial chic home design Photo credits: igloohome

Without fail, home accessories are one of the most overlooked part of any home, but they don’t have to be. Amp up the contemporary industrial vibe with smart locks! Who even needs those inconvenient keys anymore? Use those keys as decorations for your home instead!

 11. Speaking about furnishing

igloohome industrial chic home designs Photo credits: Danielle Noce, Pinterest, Pinterest 

Cushions are one of the most important detail of any home, since they give you literal comfort and your home a little more cozy. Industrial homes can easily make you feel cold and detached, and so having cushions to soften up the look can really help. 

12. Wooden box

igloohome industrial chic home design Photo credits: Pinterest

Bordering on the industrial farmhouse look, wooden boxes, paired with metal details, make for a perfect 1840s vintage-contemporary look.

13. Black lining (windows/rooms)

igloohome industrial chic home design Photo credits: Bench Top City, Home Info, Pinterest 

Lined with black paint, these exposed rooms create a distinct area in your home, as a home office or for any other purpose. The usage of glass also makes for the illusion of a larger living area. Need some privacy? Install Smart Glass/Privacy Glass so you can render your glass opaque with a switch of a button.

14. Luxe industrial (chesterfield x other features)

igloohome industrial chic home designs Photo credits: Pinterest, Yellowtrace, Home Info 

The juxtaposition of exposed brick walls, naked light bulbs, and black lined frames alongside luxe finishes and textures, like chesterfield sofas really make for a beautiful, elevated industrial vibe.

15. Never go wrong with Grey x Copper


If all else fails, try this foolproof combo: grey x copper! Copper details add the metal element in your industrial look, even if not used for pipes. Grey is a classic industrial colour, so feel free to mix it up with different textures, colours and contrasts!

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