App 2.0 is here
The igloohome mobile app upgrade is here.
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We’ve updated the igloohome app to version 2.0.9! Our latest app release brings with it a sleeker interface with improved intuition and accessibility functions, we’ve also streamlined and reorganised many aspects for a better experience.... Read More

Tips For Your Next Property Upgrade
  |   Home Improvement

There comes a time when you're struck by inspiration for most homeowners, and that's when you get excited about starting some upgrading and renovation works to spruce up your property. Upgrading your home will inevitably affect daily routines what with workers coming in and out or other projects you're embarking on to make your dream home a reality.... Read More

Sustainable & Smart Homes: Trends that will dominate in 2019
  |   Technology, Smart Home

In the face of rapid climate change and diminishing natural resources, every industry under the sun is trying to make amends by adapting and introducing smarter, greener options for contemporary home owners. We are doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint in every step of the production and design process, to opt for durable items that are in line with our long-term needs, and to choose green over nature-harming materials.... Read More

igloohome won an iF Design Award 2019 for Smart Padlock
  |   In the Media

Singapore—1 February 2019 — igloohome was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize. The winning product, the Smart Padlock, won in the discipline Product, in the Building Technology category. Each year, the world’s oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD.... Read More

The Greatest Advantages and Challenges of Living in a Smart House
  |   Smart Home

Our generation lives in a very interesting time when all of our childhood tech fantasies have become a reality. Okay, teleportation is still in the realm of sci-fi, but all things considered, it’s safe to say that with this tempo, we will outpace Star Trek by a couple of centuries. It’s only natural then that this rampant development found a way into our homes and profoundly changed the way we live. So, what does it mean to “live in a smart home”, and are there some things we should beware? Let’s try to find out.... Read More

What you should know when choosing door locks
  |   Smart Lock

An appropriately locked door can be a significant consideration as your first line of defense against theft and burglars. Hence, picking the best lock for your home is crucial because its efficiency and quality will compromise your security.... Read More

5 Furniture Solutions for Small Homes

Small homes don’t offer lots of space to give you flexibility regarding furniture choices. If your home is tiny, you need to know how to choose furniture for the apartment. First, you must carefully consider and select the appliance that will perfectly fit in your house. If you make a mistake in this step, you may not have the chance of rectifying the error.... Read More

Living Tech and the 5 Cs

During the recent TechSauce Global Summit 2018 in Bangkok, our CEO and co-founder Anthony Chow was invited to speak on a panel with the Chief Innovation Officer from Ananda, Dr Yong Chern Chet. The topic was something that was pretty new to the audience: Demystifying living tech - just Uber for X, Airbnb for Y, and a ton of apps?... Read More

Protect Your Short-Term Vacation Rental Home

Horror stories about guests throwing wild parties and trashing the vacation rental property in the process have been doing the rounds on social media. It comes as no real surprise that some hosts are contemplating whether or not the additional income that they are generating is really worth the possible risks. Hosts, don’t despair! Luckily there is a list of things that you can do to protect your property.... Read More