Interior Design Ideas for 2018
14 Aug, 2018   |   Renovation, Design

There might be space limitations when it comes to housing in Singapore and as a result, we've become quite good at optimising it. After blowing a considerable amount on an apartment, we just want a place to call home - somewhere to kick our feet up and relax after a long day at work. ... Read More

Spare bedroom
Spare bedroom? Here are some ideas for you
18 May, 2018   |   airbnb, Renovation, Design, Home improvement

Picture this: you’re in your new home, all the pieces are coming together - but wait - what about that extra space or room you ignored? You had no idea what to do with it then! This isn’t just a headache for new homeowners. You could have a barely-used room; or maybe your children moved out, leaving an empty space behind. ... Read More

igloohome industrial chic home designs
15 Beautiful Industrial-Chic Design Ideas for Your Home
20 Jul, 2017   |   Renovation, Design, Home improvement

Industrial homes are HUGE these days. Furniture have gone rustic, indoor walls gone bricked, and wires, pipes and bulbs are now proudly displaying their bare-nakedness. For the older generation, it doesn’t quite make sense to them why we’re exposing everything now when what they tried hard to do back then was to conceal and hide. ... Read More

10 Useful Singapore Websites for Home Renovation and Interior Design
19 Aug, 2016   |   Renovation, Design

Home renovation and interior design - they're part of every new home owner's journey. If you're getting a place of your own, you're likely to be extremely enthuasiastic about it because of the independence that comes with it. At the same time, the independence may be daunting when it comes down to how and where to start to make it your home though. Getting ideas for a home design theme, drawing up your renovation budget, choosing a contractor, selecting furniture - the list of to-dos goes on. ... Read More