The Retrofit Lock & Keypad

Your home's access, only smarter this time.

Experience a more convenient way of life. Easily turn your lock into a smart one with the igloohome Retrofit Lock. Enjoy the benefits of going keyless (PIN codes, anyone?) without the fuss. You’ll also gain greater peace of mind with the added security features to keep your loved ones safe.

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Retrofit Lock

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Retrofit Lock

Make life simpler.

No heavy drilling, just plug and play.

No WiFi? No Problem.

The lock works offline! Send unique PIN codes to guests, visitors, or create them for your kids to use with the Keypad.

Mobile app-enabled.

Set up, operate and manage your igloohome devices with the mobile app. Available on the App Store and Google Play for free!

Perfect for vacation rentals.

We’re integrated with some of the biggest players in the vacation rental scene. Automate access for every confirmed booking made.

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