Here's an important question for igloohomies - how do you share access to your home with your family members?

igloohome app share access

You may have installed the igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02 on your front door (and let us applaud you on your great choice!), and now would like your family members or other users to have access as well. There are several ways to do it:


Sharing of admin rights to the smart door lock

Your spouse, for example, would probably want to have the same control over the smart lock that you do (if you yourself are not keen on this, well, we leave it up to you two to battle it out...).

Each Deadbolt 02 is paired to a single igloohome account, so what you can do is to share your account details with your spouse.

Our igloohome account is cloud-based, so it works similar to email - you can log in to your account from a different smartphone (or smart device), or even on multiple smartphones at the same time.

igloohome app login

Screenshot of the igloohome account log in page

This means that both you and your wife can be logged in on your single igloohome account at the same time, and both of you will have admin rights. So PIN codes & bluetooth keys can be created by either of you, and the master PIN code can be changed also.


Sharing of permanent PIN code 

If you prefer to retain your admin control and not share it with others, what you can do is to create a permanent (or duration) PIN code and easily send it to your family member.

This is great for your kids, as they can simply use the PIN code on the lock without the need for a smartphone. Also, they would not have admin rights, so you wouldn't need to worry about them sharing access with unwanted visitors. 

igloohome app PIN code & master PINs

Screenshot showing the creation of PIN codes (just click on the yellow asterisk)


igloohome app create PIN code

Screenshot showing the different types of PINs available


Sharing of bluetooth key

If you would like to retain your admin control, but your family member wants to use their smartphone to enter the home, what you can do is to share a bluetooth key with him/her. Like the PIN code, you can select the duration for which you would like to share access for.

igloohome app bluetooth key

Screenshot showing the creation of bluetooth keys


igloohome app grant bluetooth key

Screenshot showing the selection of start and end times/dates

The bluetooth key can be shared via SMS, WhatsApp, email or whichever platform you normally use on your phone. It can also be shared via QR code, if the person is next to you and wishes to scan it instead. 

igloohome app share bluetooth key

Screenshot showing the sharing of options


igloohome app bluetooth QR code

Screenshot showing the QR code

Your family member can then download the igloohome app on their own smartphone, and create their own account with their own log in details. After which, they can accept your bluetooth key, and use their smartphone to enter the home.


igloohome app 

Find out more about the different features of the app, and see the creation of PIN codes and bluetooth keys in action in this video. The igloohome app is free for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

igloohome app play store app store


 Feel free to let us know if you have any questions on how our app works!