Building Management


Smart access for commercial real estate to residential buildings to ensure efficient leasing, rental and operation through an integrated access control system.

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Designed for safer and more efficient processes


Managing a building requires coordination and restricting access to certain
spaces to a select few. iglooworks is designed for property managers to have
total access control for safer and more efficient processes when it comes to
real estate security.



Physical key handovers
Trouble with managing
multiple keys
Moderate security
Cost of duplicating lost keys

Automating the process


We understand that time is of the essence. iglooworks automates your access processes so you can devote your time to more pressing issues of real estate management. For example, a maintenance worker can receive monthly PIN codes to access the roof top to carry out his scheduled checks without the need to physically exchange keys. .




Do away with physical keys. igloohome devices accept a myriad of access modes that provides you with a detailed audit trail for you to manage who’s coming and going.


We’re redefining the future of access with our enterprise-level hardware and software solutions to do much more for you.

Grant time


Conventional locks do not allow granting of time-sensitive access, nor do they allow for the remote granting of access.

igloohome lets you do both from an intuitive dashboard and mobile app so you are in control at all times.

audit trail



With igloohome, you can customise access for different individuals, down to the granular level. There is higher accountability with less work for you.

Dedicated to simplifying access and security management, our solutions offer an advanced method of tracking and control to protect your buildings and optimise your resources.

maximize resource



Managing multiple locks and keys to ensure assets are kept secure while complying with safety regulations is time consuming, costly and sometimes frustrating.

Let igloohome maximise your resources by streamlining and simplifying your access control processes. You have visibility, heightened control and accountability with our devices and software.

We customise smart access solutions for your needs.


Our work significantly improves how businesses operate. Speak to our friendly business representatives to find out how we can customise access solutions for your needs.