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Designed by igloohome for enterprises, iglooworks features a web dashboard for business to effectively engage in access management. Built with secure cryptography infrastructure for interoperability across our software and hardware, iglooworks is a dedicated line for property management to infrastructure access and more.


Monitor your property via our curated list of software and hardware solutions.

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"Best Mortise Lock."



Our Access Management Platform is crafted for ease of large-scale property management.

Manage Multiple Locks and Devices


Our access management solutions make it easy to manage large numbers of igloohome devices.

Whether it's twenty or a hundred, you're able to grant access to each lock swiftly and accurately. It's property management at your fingertips.

One Centralised Dashboard


View and manage devices on the web-base dashboard. Its intuitive and organised interface allows you to generate and manage access for multiple devices at the same time, and retrieve information with ease.

There's no need for messy wiring, on-site servers or dedicated workstations. You can manage multiple sites all over the world in one location.

Seamless 3rd Party Integration Systems


We provide API and SDK documentation for you to manage igloohome devices through your own softwares.

Generate one-time, duration and permanent PIN codes, and manage Bluetooth keys seamlessly.



One stop solution

One-Stop Solution for Access Management

Dashboard allows you to view and manage igloohome devices and your users in a glance. Track when, where and who to heighten security and simplify your property management processes.

users and roles management

Users and Roles Management

Customise varying levels of access for different people. Set user and role permissions to enable different parties different access rights to the locks.

A technician could have permission for a single visit, while a property manager could have long-term rights to grant access.

key management

Key Management

Do away with physical keys and its hassle, and the cost of replacing them. Issue time-sensitive PIN codes or Bluetooth keys from anywhere in the world.

Greater control, visibility and traceability brings you a greater peace of mind.

Smarter Security

Smarter Security

We combine our award-winning smart lock hardware and enterprise-grade software to keep your buildings and properties safe.

You enjoy the perks of a smart lock without the cons. No WiFi needed, no messy wiring but with increased security, reliability and deployability.

"[igloohome] has created smart access solutions that help users conveniently manage their homes and properties remotely."



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We customise smart access solutions for your needs.


Our work significantly improves how businesses operate. Speak to our friendly business representatives to find out how we can customise access solutions for your needs.