Smart access designed for commercial real estate management.

Commercial Hero

Commercial real estate spans from school campuses, to retail stores, to office buildings and even malls. igloohome is designed for safer and more efficient access management processes. 


iglooworks is designed to manage the access of these properties. Smoothen the managing, leasing and rental processes without any hassle or the need for keys. Commercial real estate managers can focus on the pressing issues of operating the property while we handle the legwork of access restrictions.

Customise access to the granular level


With iglooworks smart access solutions, you can customise access to the granular level. Modify access for each user, employee and the like at the touch of your fingertips.

Manage your commercial real estate and services with ease. Enjoy streamlined access control and coordination of manpower by modifying access levels for each user at the touch of your fingertips. 

Issue unique PIN Codes or Bluetooth Keys via your smart phone to grant temporary admittance to a small subset of facilities and rooms.

Track your employees trail from a centralised dashboard and forgo key exchanges amongst staff, cleaning crews and contractors. Our devices are mobile app-enabled, making access more convenient with greater accountability across your manufacturing facilities, corporate enterprises, business parks and more. 



Grant instant access
Customise access permissions
View audit trail for greater peace of mind

We customise smart access solutions for your needs.


Our work significantly improves how businesses operate. Speak to our friendly business representatives to find out how we can customise access solutions for your needs.