Deadbolt 01

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete a PIN code?

To delete a PIN code from PIN list view, tap the '...' button next to the PIN code and select 'Remove from List'.

Important: deleting a PIN code from the app does not delete it from the lock. Any previously generated PIN codes will still be active until the lock has been reset.

How do I customize my PIN?

The Master PIN can be changed on the igloohome app under the Lock Info page. As this is done over Bluetooth, you have to be within Bluetooth range to change the Master PIN.

For Duration and Permanent PINs, the PIN can be changed to a 6 digit PIN of your (or your guest's) choice by entering *1 0 ####, following which , a long beep from the lock will indicate that the PIN has been successfully changed. The PIN change can only be done after the PIN has been entered on the lock at least once.

How do I access my house if my Deadbolt 01 has no more battery?
For the igloohome Deadbolt model, you may use the 9V jump start on the bottom to allow for PIN code access.
How do I activate auto-re-lock/ timed re-lock?
In order to set timed re-lock on your Deadbolt, enter * 2 1 # # #
How will Deadbolt 01 alert me when it is getting low on battery?
When battery power is low (about 20%), the igloohome smart lock will emit a series of beeping sounds when trying to lock with '#'. You will also not be able to use any form of electronic unlock (PIN and Bluetooth).You can check the status of your battery by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right in the app.

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