Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Smart Deadbolt locking when it is supposed to unlock and unlocking when it is supposed to lock?

As the Deadbolt is designed for both Left-Hand doors and Right-Hand doors, do check whether the LH/RH toggle switch is in its correct position. 

Why does the keypad flash once or twice when I activate the keypad?

If the keypad flashes once when activated, you might have accidentally triggered the keypad security lockout feature. To deactivate it, simply unlock the Deadbolt via Bluetooth or wait out the lockout period. 

If the keypad flashes twice when activated, you might have accidentally activated the keypad disabled mode. To deactivate it, simply hold on to the multi-function button or unlock the Deadbolt via Bluetooth or thumb turn.


What if my Deadbolt is out of Battery?

The Deadbolt comes with an emergency jumpstart feature which allows you to power up the lock with an external 9V battery.  You will have to connect the 9V battery terminals to the 9V contact points at the bottom of the lock. There will be a series of beeps indicating that the lock is powered, afterwhich you may proceed to use your PIN code to unlock the Deadbolt. 

How do I know if the battery level for my Deadbolt is running low?

When the battery level is running low, you'll hear a descending alert tone when the keypad is activated. You can also check the status of your battery on the app.

Why is my Deadbolt not relocking when my door is closed?

Auto Relock should work if:

- The Relock Sensor is installed correctly 
- Auto Relock is switched on in the mobile app
- Keypad Disabled Mode or Passage mode is not activated

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