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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my home if I lost my phone?

If you lose your smartphone, you can use another phone to login to your account to delete your lock from the current account, and pair it to a new account.

Following which, contact us immediately to disable your old igloohome account. Once it is disabled, anyone who picks up your phone will not be able to access any functions on the app.

We also recommend that you use Android Manager or Find My iPhone to remotely lock your phone.

My batteries have completely run out and I am locked out of my Keybox 2. What can I do?

The Keybox 2 has a 9V jumpstart at the bottom of the front panel. Holding a 9V battery to the jumpstart will provide sufficient power to allow you to key in your PIN to unlock the Keybox 2.

I have keyed in the correct PIN and/or tried to use Bluetooth Unlock, but the Keybox 2 does not open.
If the correct PIN was used, and/or if a Bluetooth Unlock was successful but you are unable to open your Keybox 2, it may be because the Keybox 2 was not closed properly, causing the latch to jam. Also, ensure that your keypad is awake during this period of time. In this situation, please shut the Keybox 2 tightly and try to unlock again.
My Keybox 2 is making beeping noises even though I am not touching it. Why is this so?
The beeping sounds could be the security alarm. If the locking latch on the Keybox 2 is depressed, but the Keybox 2 is not shut tight, the Keybox 2 starts beeping to indicate that it has not been closed properly.
How do I know if the batteries for my Keybox 2 are running low?
When the battery life low, the LED light on the touchscreen changes to red instead of the usual steady white light. You can also check the status of your battery on the app.

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