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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my lock not locking?

If your Mortise is not locking, it may be due to the following:

Sensor/Timer Re-lock is disabled
The door sensor on the Mortise and door frame magnet are misaligned
Low battery or wrong batteries used

If you have disabled all Re-lock Modes, you can lock the door with '#' key on the Mortise from outside the door, and Open/Close or Thumbturn from inside the door.

What if my Mortise runs out of battery?

The Mortise comes with a 9V jumpstart feature which allows you to power up the lock with a 9V battery.  You will have to touch the 9V battery contacts to the 9V jumpstart (2 silver studs) at the front of the lock. There will be a beeping sound indicating that the lock is powered, and you may key in your PIN code to enter.

Should you be unable to acquire a 9V battery, physical keys are provided with every igloohome lock to unlock your Mortise mechanically.

It is recommended to keep at least one key on you at all times for such situations.

What can I do to prevent others from guessing my PIN code?

You may key in up to 16 digits, including your PIN code, followed by # to unlock. The decoy digits may be before and/or after the PIN.

For example, if your PIN code is 1234567, you may use the following as Decoy:

0001234567 #
1234567000 #
0001234567000 #

Why is an alarm sounding when I try to lock the door?

If you hear an alarm sounding twice, it is possible that the door has not been closed fully, and the Mortise is unable to lock properly.

Try again but if the warning sound continues, it signals to reinstall or adjust the position of the door lock.

How many key cards/ key stickers can I add to the Smart Mortise?
A total of 16 key cards/key stickers can be added. You can purchase it off our online store.

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