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Designed with security in mind, the Torx cap stays in its secure position while the Padlock is locked. If you would like to remove the battery cover, ensure that the Padlock is unlocked before turning the Torx cap.

You might have accidentally triggered the keypad security lockout feature. To deactivate it, simply unlock the Padlock via Bluetooth or wait out the lockout period.

The Padlock comes with an emergency jumpstart feature which allows you to power up the lock with an external 9V battery. You will have to connect the 9V battery terminals to the 9V contact points at the bottom of the lock. There will be a series of beeps indicating that the lock is powered, after which you may proceed to use your PIN code to unlock the Padlock.

When the battery level is running low, there will be a series of 3 descending fast tones when the keypad is woken up and breathing red LED on the Status Indicator. You can also check the status of your battery on the app.

Firstly, ensure your Padlock is unlocked to remove the battery cover. Next, remove the yellow sticker to reveal the retaining pin and remove the pin. Once the pin is out, you may simply pull the shackle out to change it. To use the Padlock with a removable shackle configuration, you may leave the retaining pin out before closing the battery cover. Alternatively, you can insert the pin back to use the Padlock with a retained shackle configuration.

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