The Mortise Lock Goes Premium

Smart Mortise Lock

Superior security and cutting-edge technology now comes in a premium form - the igloohome smart mortise lock. Manufactured in the best factories in South Korea, it is outstanding in quality, and comes packed with smart features.


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The convenience of keyless door locks

No more hassle of locating forgotten keys and replacing missing ones. No more frustration of accidental lock-outs. No more fumbling for keys. It’s fuss-free living.

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Keyless Door Locks

Multiple entry modes

Unlock your Mortise with a PIN or a bluetooth key via your smart phone. Different modes of entry are offered for flexibility of access. The physical key is still available as a back-up.

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Multiple Entry Modes

Mobile app-enabled

Grant access to your home even when you're away. With the igloohome mobile app, create PIN codes or bluetooth keys, and select how long you want them to be valid for. Send them to your visitors from the app.

Mobile app-enabled

Works offline

The igloohome Smart Mortise lock works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronisation. Internet not required for the lock hence increasing reliability against WiFi hacking.

Works offline

View access logs

Track the dates and times at which visitors enter your home. Greater visibility on access brings you greater peace of mind.

Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time, and PIN code access logs are updated when the master owner uses a bluetooth key.

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Optional services

Airbnb hosts can synchronize their listing calendars with their igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically created for guests.

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Optional services

Additional Mortise features

Security Lockout Mode
Security Lockout Mode

If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the Mortise will stop operating for 5 minutes.

Low Battery Warning
Low Battery Warning

A beep sound and red flashing keypad indicates when battery power runs low.

Anti-Panic Exit System
Anti-Panic Exit System

Allows you to open the door by simply pulling down on the Mortise handle from inside, without twisting a separate thumbturn.

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention
Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention

The circuit board is protected from the damages incurred from a high voltage surge.

Tamper Alarm
Tamper Alarm

The lock will sound if intruders attempt to pry the lock from the door.

Emergency Power Supply
Emergency Power Supply

When lock batteries are flat, an external DC9V battery can be used to jump-start the lock.

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm

When the sensor detects a temperature between 50 - 70 degrees celsius inside the house, the Mortise will unlock automatically.

Volume Adjusting
Volume Adjusting

Select the volume of the lock that suits your needs.

Sensor Re-lock
Sensor Re-lock

The lock will re-lock when the door is closed.

*All igloohome Smart Mortise features, specifications and appearance as shown on this page are indicative, and subject to change before launch.


Door compatibility

Door thickness
40mm to 60mm
Clearance from door edge
>190mm (with handle)
Type of door
Wooden doors (right/left-hand compatible)


Outer body (W x H x D)
80 x 303 x 17.8 (mm)
Inner body (W x H x D)
79.8 x 302.4 x 26(mm)
1.97kg(n.w) / 2.46kg(g.w)


Outer body
Inner body
Al, Zn, ABS
Operation method
PIN code, Bluetooth Key, Key card (2 provided), Emergency physical key (2 provided)
Operation temperature
~ -25°C~75°C (for 48 hours)
Emergency power
DC9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
Battery life
Up to 1 year
1 year on electronic and mechanical defects
To be installed at sheltered areas
IP65 (Splash and dust resistant)

Phone Compatibility

Supported Phones
All igloohome locks are supported on:
iOS: 11 and above
Android: 6 and above*

*Older Lock Models [Deadbolt 01 and Latch] are supported on Android 5 and 6 only. Some functionalities will not be available if phone is not compatible. For further information please contact

For more info, read our FAQs.

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