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How do I access my home if I lost my phone?
You can still access your home via PIN or physical keys. Using another phone, access your igloohome account and change the password immediately. Otherwise, you can email us to remove your account on the server.
What if I cannot pair my lock?

On the rare occasion that pairing is unsuccessful, here are some steps you can take:

  • Try with a different mobile device, using the same username and password 
  • Update your phone’s Operating System to the latest version 
  • Restart the Bluetooth and internet connection on your mobile device 
  • Restart igloohome’s application on your mobile device 
  • Ensure that during pairing mode (after 2 beeps), the touchpad stays awake 
  • Switch to brand new batteries (Energizer) 
  • Try using 3G instead of WiFi 
  • Ensure that the time sync on your phone is correct
How do I know if someone entered my house/property?

You could monitor activities of your lock via the Access logs. Go to Lock Info > Activity log (tap on the at the top right hand corner of the page).

Activities will be updated in real time when guests uses a Bluetooth key for access. Owners will immediately receive notifications whenever a Bluetooth Key is used. Pin-code entries, however, will only be updated when master uses the Bluetooth Key on the lock.

Why is the # sign flashing green?

The # sign will flash green when a Bluetooth signal is being registered with your Deadbolt 2S.

This may mean 3 things:

  1. Someone is trying to Bluetooth Unlock from the igloohome app.
  2. Someone is trying to pair with the lock from the igloohome app.
  3. Someone is trying to connect with the Bluetooth ID of the lock from a normal Bluetooth screen
What if my Deadbolt 2S runs out of battery?

Physical keys are provided with every igloohome lock which ensures that you will still be able to enter the house mechanically even if its batteries run out.

It is recommended to keep at least one key on you at all times for such situations. Alternatively, you can also use a 9V jump-start that gives the lock enough power for a PIN code unlock.(Energizer brand is recommended)

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