Software that’s designed to support your business

Our access management platform is crafted for ease of large-scale access management. With a web dashboard and mobile app, you’ll have access control at your fingertips.

iglooworks Dashboard

iglooworks Dashboard by igloohome

Dashboard Features

Our portal is designed to make access management simpler, safer and smarter.


Mobile App

The iglooworks mobile app allows for on-the-ground management of your locks.

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Unlock doors via Bluetooth

Your phone is your key. There’s no need for key fobs, access cards and the like. Simply unlock the door via Bluetooth when you’re within range.

Retrieve lock activities

Depending on the permissions set, you can sync the lock with your iglooworks account while you're in Bluetooth range to retrieve activity logs.

Perform operational tasks

Perform necessary operational tasks without fuss. The iglooworks app allows you to manage lock functions in the palm of your hand.

iglooworks Mobile App
iglooworks Mobile App

Security is at the core of what we do

We’ve taken active measures to ensure our devices and services are compliant with global data security and privacy standards. The team is dedicated to keeping all data and information private and safe; and ensuring that our products adhere to the industry’s best security practices.

Securely encrypted

Your access details are securely encrypted

The iglooworks app, iglooworks dashboard and our servers are protected with HTTPS and TLS encryption for all communications. Information is never transmitted in unencrypted form over the air.

Multi-factor authentication

Securely connect through multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is available for connected devices that operate on NB-IoT to prevent unauthorised access. Information transmitted between the locks and the server are encrypted using TLS*.
*Subject to change.