Smart access designed for your guests’ convenience to improve guest satisfaction.


Comfort and convenience for your guests

We understand the importance of comfort and convenience for your guests. That's why igloohome's solutions are built to manage a high turnover of users. Granting access has never been simpler, safer or smarter with our devices.



Eliminates physical key exchanges at your property's location
No more missing key cards, its lack of security and high costs of creating and replacing them
Ensuring your keys aren't duplicated without knowledge or worrying about the security of your property

"igloohome has made our processes more efficient. Check-ins are smoother and guest satisfaction has increased due to lowered waiting times."

Sanka Kouno

Hotel Minn, Osaka

Maximise resources,
no more graveyard shifts

The ability to limit the time range of access modes ensure your property is kept safe. Stored actitvity logs also provide transparency and greater accountability on audit trails. Automate check-ins for guests while saving costs on overheads; maximise resources by having reception staff focus on pressing issues, neither will you need them during graveyard shifts just to facilitate check-ins at odd hours.

Hotel Minn