Smart access to add value to multi-family housing, condominiums, apartments and more.


Enable on-demand services

Add value to your property with smart access. Enable on-demand services, enhance property security and experience, and make visitor management a breeze.

More residential projects are integrating with smart home devices to offer an enhanced living experience to set itself apart and up its value.

Smart access offers a myriad of benefits for property developers, residents and its neighbouring communities.



Properties are more attractive, lowering vacancy rates.
High percentage of individuals are already invested in smart home technology, and are more receptive to such integration.

"The benefits of smart technology also make properties more attractive to tenants, which results in lower vacancy rates."


Smart Buildings: Forming The Foundation of Smart Cities, 2018

Efficient leasing and rental processes

Smart access also ensures efficient leasing and rental processes for property managers, agents and the like.

igloohome devices help manage every access touchpoint by streamlining processes, eliminating physical key handling and improving overall efficiency for users.


Saves time and hassle of key handovers or duplication
Increased efficiency, control and customisation of access management.
Heightened security with transparent audit trail.

"Smart technology is incorporated into future design is becoming paramount and if not taken seriously, could have a negative impact on the saleability of future homes."



Why Developers Should Consider Building  Smart Homes


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