Shared Spaces

Smart access solutions for co-living, co-working and co-sharing.

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Enhanced monitoring of co-working and co-living spaces

Manage the different access touch points in your co-working and co-living premises. Shared spaces like these see a large turnover of users accessing at different points in time. Smart access keeps track of the audit trail while ensuring your shared property is kept safe.



No need for shared keys or compromising security.
With high turnover levels in shared spaces, increase traceability and customise access rights so your property is kept safe at all times.

"igloohome offers affordable smart locks and APIs to integrate them with popular co-working space management software like andCards Suite."


Igor Dzhebyan


No more lost keys 


With many people entering and exiting co-working and co-living spaces, it's easy to have keys misplaced when they pass through too many hands. Lost keys also mean a myriad of issues.


Hassle of replacing everyone's keys
Getting a new lock to ensure security is not breached because of one key.
Mishandling of keys and duplication without your knowledge.

"[igloohome] is going to make room management more efficient."


Ronald Yang

My Workspace, Co-working Space in Gangnam, Seoul

Customisable access groups

With igloohome, grant access to an individual or groups who can enter different locations of your property.

Time-sensitive access also ensures your space is kept safe at all times. This is effective property management at its best.

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