Beyond the Home with igloohome

By igloohome | 13 July 2016

We've talked about how the igloohome smart digital lock is perfect for home owners - multiple modes of access, letting visitors in even when you're away from home, monitoring of battery status and so on. But beyond the home, the potential of igloohome may yet be undiscovered.

Hotels, hostels, guesthouses, dormitories, offices - these are just some of the examples in which access management could be made a breeze with the igloohome smart lock. Not convinced? We show you how.

igloohome in Hotels, Guesthouses & Hostels


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How many times have you as a hotel guest misplaced your keys or keycard? Even if you're one of the lucky few who has had the discipline to avoid that kind of situation, you probably had your fair share of scares, or have had to spend time checking over and over that you had your keys/keycard with you.

Physical keys are really not the most convenient in this day and age, plus the costs add up for hotel owners when keys/keycards need to be replaced repeatedly.

But it's not just about eliminating physical keys and going digital - it's about being smart, and that's when our software comes into the picture.

You may already know that igloohome works with Airbnb as a preferred partner.  When a guest's accommodation booking is confirmed, we send a unique PIN code to the guest. They use it to enter the Airbnb property throughout their stay. At the end of the stay, the guest's PIN code expires. When the next accommodation booking is confirmed, a new PIN code is generated for the next guest.


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There's nothing to stop hotels, hostels and guesthouses from using the same system. igloohome can automate the PIN code or bluetooth key generation, so manpower is saved (and costs will be reduced too!). Managing the system is fuss-free, with our web dashboard. We have APIs available to integrate into existing programmes, if any, so that wouldn't be an issue.

igloohome in Offices & Dormitories


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Of course, removing the need for physical keys means you no longer have to duplicate keys for all your office personnel or tenants, which reduces operational concerns. Being able to set timed access means you have control over access to facilities in your offices or dormitories, allowing recreational areas or meeting rooms to be used only at certain times, for example.


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But access management is not just about controlling who goes into restricted areas of your property. igloohome can provide another aspect of access management which other digital locks may not be able to - monitoring of access logs.

When a bluetooth key is sent to office personnel or a tenant, it is unique to him/her. When he/she uses it to enter an office or a dormitory, our igloohome smart digital lock records the time and date. If the management of the dormitory or office requires such information, they can easily retrieve the lock's access logs from our app or web dashboard.

Control and monitoring is made effortless with the igloohome smart digital lock and software.

Beyond the home with igloohome

It doesn't stop there. We see so many other types of properties in which users would benefit from the features of the igloohome lock: Educational facilities - being able to set PIN codes for tutorial rooms or studios. Hospitals - ensuring privacy for patients in certain wards at specific times. KTVs - specifying times for which access is valid for.

Managing access can be made simple with the igloohome smart digital lock, and while it could start at home, it definitely does not end there.