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igloo Wink - AI face recognition access for smart lock
igloo Wink - AI face recognition access for smart lock


The world’s first A.I enabled facial recognition module for digital lock.

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Woman entry home using smart lock

Come Home

Completely hands free.

Say goodbye to keys and codes. Wink, and youre in. Now, coming home got so much easier. Move freely in and out of your home at the rhythms of life.

The Wink offers you a personalized and exclusive welcome that other biometric and methods of access cannot provide.

Wink with igloohome digital lock

All your smart locks in concert

Seamless. We’re proud that the Wink is the first and only access control device available that unlocks both gate and door simultaneously.

The wink pairs intuitively with any igloohome smart lock so coming home is as easy as it can be.

igloo smart locks

Adaptive and Versatile

The wink pairs with any igloohome smart lock

igloohome Wink on door

Mounts Easy

Anywhere. On. Any. Surface

Easy to secure, and mounts with screw or 3M tape

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Take control of your home

The Wink acts as your ultimate home access control device.

The Wink has three types of access: common access, dynamic based access, time-sensitive access.


Family and friends


Part time help

Target the unlock

Using our first-to-market, targeted unlock feature, you can allow parcels to be delivered without needing to open the main door

Issue one time passes to deliverymen to grant access to just your gate and not your main door.

Courier guy with wink digital door

Courier guy with wink digital door


Your privacy and safety is personal matter to us.

Our QR pass are temper proof and unreplicable. Screenshots are unable to used if they are passed around. This provides an extra layer of security over your home access.

Privacy at home is more important than ever. Any biometric or identification data captured by the wink is stored locally in the device. Zero data is stored in the cloud or any server - Ensuring all security features webuilt are Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliant.
Snapshot images from our monitoring feature is transmitted through the cloud to your phone and zerodata is stored or retained in the process.

light illustration

There’s still more to flex

Thanks to our A.I Powered facial ID capture technology, wink confidently provides the best in class access security standards.


In low light settings, it uses 850 nanometre nm wavelength to recognise facial data in the dark, pitch black, at night.

False Rejection Rate <0.01%

Chances that someone’s facial ID is registered and is rejected by the wink is close to 0%.

False Acceptance Rate <0.001%

The chance that the winks unlocks a facial ID that has not been registered is close to impossible.

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Easy registration
Easy registration

Immediate facial capture technology swiftly detects and records your facial image without any delay.

Multiple unlock
Multiple unlock

Unlocking Wink will also unlock both gate and door locks . That allows you to open both the gate and door from outside or inside the house.

Long battery life
Long battery life

Battery life - Long battery life for locations with no power connector; glass doors.  3-4 months of battery life depending on usage.

Tech Specs






149.98mm x 59.98mm x 29mm







IR camera resolution

1280 (V) x 720 (H)

RGB camera resolution

640 (V) x 480 (H), 1280 (V) x 720 (H)

IR Camera angle of view

Vertical (V) 72.8°, Horizontal (H) 45.0°, Diagonal (D) 80.5°

RGB Camera angle of view

Vertical (V) 79.2°, Horizontal (H) 63.1°, Diagonal (D) 93.1°

Optical properties

Transparency: >90% (850nm wavelength)


Installation Angle

Angle: 16 - 29 degrees

Installation Height

1.2m to 1.5m

Wake time

<750 ms

Verification Time

350 ms

Maximum Facial Storage

100 faces

False Acceptance Rate (FAR)


False Rejection Rate (FRR)


Recommended recognition distance


Effective recognition distance for high reflectivity objects


Effective recognition distance for low reflectivity object



3 months+ (depending on usage, tested at 10 unlocks and 10 wake ups per day, 30 mins WiFi interval)

algoPass Camera Resolution

640 (H) x 480 (v)

algoPass Camera FOV

Vertical (V) 68.0°, Horizontal (H) 51.0°

algoPass Recognition Rate


algoPass Physical Image Size

35mm - 80mm

Maximum Active algoPass



IP rating