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Why igloohome?

We’re just like you.

We don't have everything figured out in life. But we understand that getting the simple things sorted brings joy and delight to everyday life. 

This is why we exist. We're users too! Our smart digital locks eliminate inconveniences for you to enjoy moments in life that truly matter. 

Whether its friends and family visiting, or ensuring your door's locked behind you, or simply having the flexibility to grant access to anyone at any time; igloohome's here to give you that freedom at hand.

Dang it, not the keys!

Still fishing for keys in the endless depths of your bag? Or did you just realize you've left them somewhere they really shouldn't be. (We've left our keys in cabs more than a dozen times, oops!) 

What you need is the perfect balance between convenience and security when it comes to your home's access.

We're all about saving you time.

Set up, operate and manage your igloohome locks through the mobile app!

  • Create unique PIN codes for different people.

  • Revoke access whenever you deem fit.

  • Unlock your door via Bluetooth.

  • Auto Unlock for ease of access.

But we don't compromise on security.

Smart access is more than just digital locks. Our devices are jam-packed with security features on both the hardware and software so you can rest easy.

  • Time-sensitive access 

    • One-Time

    • Duration

    • Recurring

    • Permanent

  • View activity logs to see who, when and how your door was unlocked.

No WiFi? No problem.

No WiFi? No problem.

Even with its remote capabilities, our smart locks work offline. There's no worries of WiFi hacking or network instability.

It features our innovative algoPIN™ technology which makes our locks suitable for properties with weak or no WiFi connections at all. 

There's no need to download an additional app to receive PIN code access.

Our secret sauce, ooh!

We win hearts, and awards along the way ;)

You are at the core of everything we do. That's why we provide 24/7 support whenever you need assistance.

We're just a phone call away:

SINGAPORE +65 3129 2464

USA +1 929 224 0688

Our team has dedicated its time to creating products that you'd love.

We're grateful that our passion's been recognised through these accolades.

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