Bring convenience into your life with Auto Unlock

By igloohome | 4 October 2022

As technology plays a more vital part in our lives, many of us are now making the switch to installing a keyless digital lock as part of integrating their home into a smart one. With convenient features such as fingerprint or access code available to choose from, both young and old homeowners alike are jumping onto the latest home security technology to create the ‘smart home’ that they’ve been dreaming of.

If you are one of the early adopters of an Ironman home, you might have heard about our Auto Unlock feature that gives you a complete hands-free experience.

Your very own ‘invisible’ doorman

smart digital lockDon’t we all wish to be living in one of the ritziest homes that we all see in Selling Sunsets with a dedicated housekeeper of sorts that can open the door after a tiring day?

We are one step closer to that dream with the Auto Unlock feature! With bluetooth, GPS, and geofencing technology, Auto Unlock feature for igloohome digital locks automatically unlock your door as you walk towards it.

Hands-free solution for a hands full situation

smart digital lock

Ever find yourself with one hand full of groceries, and another with a ready-to-dash toddler? Or a full bladder situation while you fumble for your access card?
With Auto Unlock, your door ‘magically’ opens for you, without having to do anything. Your phone locates you within the designated vicinity of your home, and this feature will unlock the door for you.

What is Auto Unlock and how does it work

smart digital lock

Auto Unlock is a hassle-free way to unlock your door. When you arrive home, your phone unlocks your door automatically while inside your bag and/or pocket via your phone’s Location and Bluetooth settings. Auto Unlock is designed to detect:

  1. When you’re home (Home Mode)

  2. When you’re away (Away Mode)

In Home Mode, Auto Unlock is on standby and will not unlock your door, preventing unwanted accidental unlocks while you’re at home. 

In Away Mode, the Auto Unlock feature will automatically unlock your door when you arrive home.

At iglooco, we believe that life should be filled with ease and delight. With our Auto Unlock feature, a simple thing like opening the door will be a breeze! 

For more information on Auto Unlock, you may reach out to our customer support team or read more here.