The toughest Padlock you'll ever own: introducing our brand new Padlock 2

By Leila Yeltekin | 20 April 2023

Yep, you are hearing it correctly, our Padlock 2 has been designed to withstand stringent standards of military-grade testing, with the ability to withstand even the most extreme environmental conditions. Coupled with an intelligent core and thanks to our reliable algoPIN™ technology, your properties and belongings will be safely stored and secured.

This Padlock 2 will absolutely change and facilitate your everyday life and business needs and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. With its unique combination of rechargeable batteries, and heavy duty materials, this is the padlock perfect for all your rugged and outdoor security needs.

Here are five ways (out of the many) that the Padlock 2 can be used:

For Garden Sheds - Thanks to its waterproof and weatherproof design,  the Padlock 2 is tested to survive through intense environmental conditions, and able to endure temperatures ranging between -20°C to 50°C / -4°F to 122°F. Leave it in the rain, snow or sun, the padlock will continue to keep your sheds well locked.

For Outdoor Gates - This Padlock is nearly indestructible given its tamper and pick proof design. As a matter of fact, its  rust-resistant chrome-plated shackle can endure 15kN cutting force, 5kN pulling force and 100Nm twisting force. The satin powder coating of the lock body prevents corrosion, making this lock ideal for high humidity, high salinity environments.

For your Self Storage Needs - With just one click, our encrypted algoPIN™technology will allow our customers to generate access and PIN codes remotely without WiFi! Similar to bank token technology, if WiFi is an issue in remote or mountainous areas, the Padlock 2 will still work perfectly. If you would like to bring the lock online, simply pair it with a Bridge (sold separately), and you will get to enjoy  real-time notifications and activity logs.  This way, you will be able to keep track of your lock's activity anywhere and anytime.

For Trailers and Caravans - If you are out on the roads a lot, the Padlock 2 will keep your trailers and caravans safely locked. With IP67 waterproof rating, your belongings will be safely protected and locked in the different locations you are at, rain or shine. Don't worry about the padlock running out of battery, our rechargeable Li-Ion battery has been programmed to perform up to 9 months with 1 hour of USB-C charging.

Metal Roller Shutter - Own a small business, a garage or warehouses? Don't look any further, we have gone above and beyond to design the perfect Padlock that guarantees safeguarding of your possessions.  Once the shackle is fastened, the Auto Lock feature will automatically latch and always ensure that your facilities and your belongings are safely covered and protected. Use the Padlock with our WiFi bridge (purchased separately) to get live access notifications and remotely control the lock!

Durability, sturdiness, water resistance and anti corrosion design, security and safety are just a few of the many qualities that this product represents, making it a padlock that will keep all things dear safe and sound. Check out this link to snag one today!

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