Using the igloohome Keybox

By igloohome | 28 April 2018

The igloohome Keybox digital lock is a smart keybox that stores keys, access cards and more for easy retrieval. Designed for short-term rental hosts, home and property owners, the Keybox serves as 24/7 reception for guest arrival.

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Coupled with the igloohome mobile app, you can sync your Airbnb account with the igloohome Keybox digital lock for automated PIN generation for guests to check themselves in (the service is called Airbnb Connect). You can also issue Bluetooth keys and set how long these modes of access are valid for. This means being miles away yet getting things done - talk about convenience!

The Keybox digital lock also works offline so there are no worries about Wi-Fi disruption or hacking.

What can be done remotely?

Issuing PIN codes

smart digital lock

You can issue PIN codes to friends, family and guests for them to gain access to your homes or properties. The Keybox digital lock can be placed at your rental property in San Francisco while you're on holiday in New York (or anywhere in the world really), and you can easily create PIN codes on the igloohome mobile app.

We explained how our digital lock technology works in this previous post - the same applies to the Keybox as well. Unlike other Bluetooth lockboxes, you would not need to be in the Bluetooth range of the Keybox to sync PIN codes for them to work. Access can definitely be granted remotely even though the Keybox works offline.

What's even more convenient is that guests do not need to download the igloohome app to receive these unique PIN codes. All they need is the actual PIN code itself. You can send it to them via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or whichever communication platform you choose on your smartphone.

Issuing Bluetooth Keys

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You can also issue Bluetooth keys for your guests to unlock the door with their smartphone. This does require them to download the igloohome app - while this means an extra step for the guest, Bluetooth keys provide more real-time information to you as a host. Access logs of Bluetooth keys are updated immediately, so this is a great option if you're sticky about security.

When you issue a Bluetooth key to your guest, they will only have guest access, and not admin rights to the lock. This means that they will not be able to view access logs or create keys of their own. More details on the different levels of access can be found in this post, which shares how you can share access with family members.

If you’re an Airbnb host or do any sort of home rentals, you’ll find that the issuing of PIN codes or Bluetooth keys comes in handy as it eliminates tricky situations of delayed flights or handover of keys.

Setting duration of PIN codes or Bluetooth keys

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For both PIN codes and Bluetooth keys, you can set the duration of access remotely when you create it. You may choose from hours, days, or weeks. Or you could decide on a one-time PIN if you feel more comfortable with that. The timed access helps to keep the property safe because once they expire, guests can no longer use the same access to enter.

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Permanent PIN codes or Bluetooth keys are also available for you to issue to perhaps, a family member or a close friend.

Everything is done via the igloohome app so you can sit back and relax, wherever you are!

What needs to be done in Bluetooth range?

If you're using a Bluetooth key, then well, as the name suggests, this would only work within the Bluetooth range of the Keybox. As the Keybox works without an internet connection, it will not be locked/unlocked remotely on the app.

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Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time remotely. So if you're still in New York and someone uses a Bluetooth key on your Keybox in San Francisco, you will get an alert and can view the access log on your app. PIN code access logs will be updated when the master owner of the Keybox uses a Bluetooth key on the Keybox - PIN codes do not come with real-time alerts. So if real-time access logs are crucial to you,  Bluetooth keys are recommended for your guests, rather than PIN codes.

Changes to Master PIN and PIN names can be done when you’re within range of the lock. You can also sync the time of both your smartphone and Keybox in Bluetooth range. This ensures that PIN codes work properly, and aren't affected by any external factors.

Battery status is updated in Bluetooth range, providing you with a better estimate of how long more you have before you need to replace the batteries.

Remotely vs. Bluetooth

All igloohome locks can work remotely and in Bluetooth range to allow you to manage your properties the smart way. We’re constantly innovating ways to make homes smarter and make lives better. Here's a summary:


Issue PIN codes (and set duration)

Issue Bluetooth keys (and set duration)

via Bluetooth

Change Master PIN code

Change PIN code names

Sync lock time to smartphone

Update PIN code access logs

Bluetooth key unlock

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