Why the igloohome Padlock is a cut above the rest

By igloohome | 27 November 2019

There's no doubt that there has been a rise in smart padlocks in the market. Offering convenience is at the heart of what we do, hence we identified that conventional padlocks weren't making the cut anymore. Fiddling with small key cylinders or numeric dials can be frustrating for many.

More hassle comes in the form of losing the tiny keys that came with some padlocks. Where will you get them replaced? Then comes the real issue of how easy it is to break the padlock open when all else fails. You get the drift.

While there are a plethora of Bluetooth-enabled padlocks, you'll notice that most of them will require users to download the accompanying app to receive access. That's not good enough in our eyes. There should be easier ways of granting and receiving access in our day and age.

The igloohome Padlock combines both software and hardware features to give you the ultimate balance between security and convenience! Receiving recognition from numerous publications such as PCMag, New Atlas and more, the gadget has also been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for excellence in product design.

smart digital lock

If you're looking for a padlock, here's why the igloohome Padlock should be one of your top considerations.

Versatility at its best

How often do you see padlocks that come with interchangeable shackles? Not everyday, that's what. The Padlock has accessories for enhanced versatility.

The long shackle is available for a better fit with a wider range of doors, gates, sheds and the like. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the use-cases.

smart digital lock

This makes the Padlock suitable for securing personal assets like lockers; and deployable in business settings like shared facilities or to aid real estate agents in home showings.

Small details that matter

We place a strong emphasis on creating quality products. The Padlock is no different.

The shackles have been tested to withstand >15kN of cutting force and >25kN of pulling force. Now you may be thinking, what if someone just removed the battery? Wouldn't that render the padlock useless? We've got that covered. The battery cover can only be removed when the Padlock is unlocked, and it must be done with a Torx screwdriver (that's included in the package!).

Access on your terms, always.

The Padlock works in conjunction with the igloohome mobile app. Through the app, you can issue time-sensitive access to ensure your assets and properties are secure at all times. There's no worries of mishandling keys or having unwanted people unshackling the Padlock when they're not authorised to do so.

smart digital lock

Pick from several types of PIN codes. Issue a One-Time PIN to your delivery man, or a duration PIN to guests. You call the shots, and we'll roll with it.

The innovative algoPIN™ technology

Here's what makes us a cut above the rest: the igloohome algoPIN™ technology. Call it our secret sauce, magic juice, this is the innovation behind our products.

The technology allows you to grant access to your Padlock anytime, anywhere. Unlike the usual Bluetooth padlocks, there's no need for your recipient to download an app just to receive an access code or mode.

smart digital lock

Once you've created the PIN code, it's good to go! The Padlock doesn't need to be within proximity to understand that the code you've issued is valid. You could be in New York, sending the PIN to your gardener in San Diego where your Padlock is, and it'll grant access as per your customisation. No real-time syncing is needed – talk about convenience!

To make it easier for you, we've created an overview comparing our Padlock to usual Bluetooth ones:

smart digital lock

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