Which is the best smart lock?

By igloohome | 29 March 2018

When it comes to smart locks, we cannot say which are the best ones in the market; only which smart lock is the best for you. Keep in mind that there are many variables to take into consideration such as modes of access, reliability, convenience and security just to name a few.

While there is no doubt of the effectiveness of a standard door lock, smart locks come loaded with a bunch of useful features to make lockouts a thing of the past. Here are some that we’ve compared so you can find the best fit for your home.

For the Apple fanatic


Photo credit: www.schlage.com

While it is not the prettiest of the lot in terms of aesthetics, the Schlage smart locks are compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and has an accompanying app for you to connect and activate the smart lock remotely. If you have taken active steps to fill your home with Apple Home products, Schlage’s range of smart locks should already be on your radar for your smart home.

It can remember up to 30 passcodes, and has the highest security rating thus far with an alarm that will notify the homeowner if someone tries to break in. Access comes in the form of a smudge-proof numeric keypad, and the good ol’ physical key should all else fail. Schlage is also compatible with Nest for you to integrate it into your smart home.

For the sleek & futuristic


Photo credit: www.august.com

The August Smart Lock works as well as it looks. Adding a classy, post-modern touch to your smart home, it’ll fit right into the deadbolt end of your door while the outside remains the same. Note that if you have a mortise lock, which is commonly found in Southeast Asia, the August will not work for your door.

Equipped with an automatic lock and unlock function once you install the DoorSense sensor, you can pair it with your smartphone over a WiFi bridge that comes included in the kit. The August Connect Bridge has to be plugged into an outlet for you to have total control of your lock, wherever you are.

You can also issue keys via an accompanying mobile app to visitors, housekeepers and all who require temporary access to your home. The keys can also be revoked at any point in time as needed. With its accolades and compatibility with iOS and Android devices, the August Smart Lock is raved by tech fanatics worldwide.

For the most features


If you’re one who enjoys hosting parties, AirBnb guests, or simply love having people around your place, the igloohome Deadbolt 02 is the one for you. Packed with features and affordably priced, it is a great option for those considering to go keyless.

All igloohome smart locks work offline, and this is no different. Protected from weak WiFi connectivity and hacking, the Deadbolt 2S works with innovative technology involving encryption and synchronisation with your smartphone. Physical key access is also available with cylindrical keys that are harder to duplicate, enhancing security.

Just like the August Smart Lock, the Deadbolt 02 also allows you to grant remote access with timed Bluetooth keys or pin codes. The accompanying app also tracks an activity log for you to monitor who enters and exit your home. Other features also include the ability for Airbnb hosts to synchronise their listing calendars with the igloohome account so that PIN codes are automatically created for guests.

For the K-wave Rider


Photo credit: Home & Decor

We’ve seen too many K-drama lovers switch over to digital locks just because it was featured in their favourite serial. We don’t blame them, the locks look great on screen and are widely used in the land of flower boys.

While it calls its locks digital, they also have smart functions with an accompanying app. You can get a log of check-in information, notifications and much more via the app. With biometric, RFID tags and PIN codes as access modes, it’s one of the most comprehensive locks in the market. It also fits over handles, thus eliminating the need of removing the initial deadbolt that comes with most doors (unless the door is fitted with a knob).

Priced higher than most smart locks, it might be a dealbreaker for some; but the Samsung Digital Door Lock integrates with the brand’s smart home solutions which makes it one of the favourites among the brand evangelists.

For the fuss-free


Photo credit: www.kwikset.com

Renowned in the home locks field, Kwikset also has the Kevo smart lock. As one of the first smart locks in the market to use RFID and Bluetooth, it is compatible with Nest to remotely control your home’s heating and cooling system too.

Security ranks high for the brand with a Lost Phone reset option that disables access to your home from your phone. Other features include iOS and Android compatibility, which allows the lock to sense your smartphone and automatically unlock the door for you when you are near. It also comes in three colours for you to choose which will suit your decor best.

Despite it being a smart lock, you will be required to purchase Kevo Plus at a one-time $99 fee for you to maximize its functions.

For maximum flexibility


Photo credit: www.yalelock.com.sg

As one of the biggest brands in the industry, Yale has been among the oldest global trademarks in the lock business. Yale’s smart locks comes in a variety to meet the needs of every home owner.

The Real Living Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt can be configured to have the lights or coffee kettle put on upon unlocking your door. This is how you achieve maximum flexibility with this smart lock, as it allows you to connect to other smart devices in your home.

It also comes equipped with a touchscreen and keyhole as alternative access modes. Compatible with the Zigbee and Z-Wave independent mesh networks and many others, you won’t touch your bandwidth while controlling your smart lock.

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