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How deliveries fit into a post-pandemic future

By igloohome | 2 September 2021

As the pandemic continues to churn and ravage nations across the globe, a new normal seems to be emerging from the debris of despair and isolation.

Before March 2020, it seemed that only demographics such as Millennials and Gen-Zs were inclined to use online delivery for food and shopping. Those of the older generation still preferred dining out or in-person retail therapy. As my mother, a strong proponent for physical stores would say, “Must try before you buy! Must queue then it's good!” The shiny allure of online shopping had yet to envelop the world.

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

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The advent of Covid-19 was, therefore, a great equalizer. Humans' adaptive instincts seemed to have kicked in to embrace digital transformation in response to these uncertain times. People began to move their daily activities online - from work, school, fitness classes, and even religious services. Suddenly, all things that previously required an hour of dressing up and transportation, could be done from the comfort and cozy of your warm bed.

In 2021, PWC's Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey reported that most consumers stated that they do not think they would go back to their old ways of shopping once the pandemic was over. After all, nothing quite matches the inexplicable high of adding things to your cart and checking out in barely 10 minutes. It took hardly any time at all, and apart from a considerable hole in your wallet, it almost appears as if no damage was done.

The ‘last mile delivery’ conundrum

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Well, every rose has its thorns. When it comes to delivering parcels, it is often the last leg of the journey that contributes to the bulk of the problems. In short, the last mile delivery problem refers to how the final movement of goods from the hub to the customer is frequently met with obstacles and complexity.

As the economy begins to open up and people resume their office roles and outdoor activities, it would naturally be more difficult to manage the influx of delivery orders, especially if these parcels do not arrive together.

For larger e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, they would only inform you that your delivery is arriving on the day itself, in which you might have already made plans to leave the house. While leaving the parcel by the shoe rack is an option, you may not be as comfortable if it was a larger and more expensive purchase.

Revolutionize home deliveries using igloohome smart locks

Smart locks have massive potential in solving the last-mile delivery problem. By enabling the owner to grant temporary access to the delivery personnel, it would eliminate the need for multiple delivery attempts at the cost of the customer as well as the delivery provider.

smart digital lock

The igloohome Padlock is an innovative substitute for a traditional padlock for your gates. Unlike other Bluetooth padlocks, the igloohome Padlock does not require the user to download an app to unlock it. With our proprietary algoPIN™ technology, you can send unique PIN Codes via text message to your delivery personnel, so that they can deliver parcels to your doorstep or your delivery box.

smart digital lock


Credits: CNA

Interior designer Roystern Goh has employed our Padlock to help manage his deliveries. “If the delivery man delivers a parcel, I can release the padlock number to him so he can leave the parcel, lock it and leave,” he explains (Watch the full video here).

smart digital lock

Another great option is igloohome’s Rim Lock for metal gates. Similar to the Padlock, you can quickly generate access codes on the go. The Rim Lock for metal gates is also jam-packed with other value-adding features such as a security lockout mode, tamper alarm and an automatic relocking function.

Both products work offline and are therefore more reliable against WiFi hacking and instability. What’s more, the igloohome mobile app allows you to track dates and times at which delivery personnel enter your home. Greater visibility, greater peace of mind.

smart digital lock

Closing Pandora’s Box would be extremely difficult - very few experiences can replicate the accessibility, affordability and convenience of online deliveries. This is why to optimise your shopping experiences, you need to stay one stay ahead of the game.

Shop now for a smarter, stress-free solution! Your serotonin levels will thank you for that.