Introducing the Glass Door Lock

By igloohome | 25 October 2021

Over the years, we've gotten a handful of requests from customers who were interested in using our smart locks to manage more than just homes. Small business owners who had offices or retail spaces were on the lookout for a solution that would fit glass doors.

We're proud to announce that we've launched our Glass Door Lock just for that!

The Glass Door Lock is designed to complement your everyday lifestyle. From offices to retail shops, even co-working spaces and homes, it’s the ideal solution to experience smart access anywhere.

Hassle-free installation

smart digital lock

No drilling, no mess. The lock simply clips onto your glass door with industrial strength. Lock and roll!

Unlocks in a multitude of ways

The Glass Door Lock offers these access modes:

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

It also works with the Key Fob, which is sold separately. How convenient!

Mobile app-enabled for greater convenience

With the igloohome app, you have the flexibility to manage access.

With our unique algoPIN™ technology, you can generate access at any time and at anywhere without the need to be near the lock.

This means that you can grant time-sensitive access to different staff on different shifts for stores, allow secure deliveries, and more in the palm of your hands.

Here’s what you can do remotely:

  • Generate time-sensitive PIN codes

  • Generate time-sensitive Bluetooth keys

  • Get notified of Bluetooth key activities

  • Revoke Bluetooth key access

And here are more features you can access when you’re within Bluetooth range of the lock:

  • Create customized PIN codes

  • View PIN code activity logs

  • Check battery status

  • Adjust lock volumes

  • Revoke PIN code access

Learn more about the Glass Door Lock here.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at!