The Retrofit Lock is here!

By igloohome | 2 September 2022

Retrofit Lock

Retrofit Lock

We're proud to announce that the Retrofit Lock is here!

Since unveiling the Retrofit Lock at CES 2022 in January in Las Vegas, we've been hard at work. Perfecting the design, and its mechanics; testing the product rigorously; optimizing its performance, you know the drill. That's why the lock has already received two prestigious awards prior to its launch:

The CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree
Renowned award organized by one of the biggest consumer electronics shows.

Good Design Award 2021
Held by The Chicago Athenaeum to recognize innovative product designs.

European Product Design Awards

EPDA recognises & rewards innovative and imaginative creations.

Easy to install

No heavy drilling is involved, just attach it to the lock on the inside of your door. You can keep your existing keys while enjoying the benefits of a smart lock. No modifications are needed on the outside of your door too!

Try out the compatibility check here.

More than just a lock

Apart from keeping your home safe, the Retrofit Lock can also act as a 24/7 reception for vacation rental hosts.

Sync with Airbnb

We’re integrated with some of the biggest players in the vacation rental scene. Automate access for every confirmed booking made.

Check out how you can link your Airbnb listing to the lock!

Modes of access

PIN Code Bluetooth Key
To unlock, simply launch the igloohome app and turn on Bluetooth services. There, tap on the lock icon and let yourself in!

All igloohome locks are mobile app-enabled. You can create Bluetooth keys for guests, family members, and friends anytime, anywhere.

For easier sharing of access, the Keypad is available as an accessory. It offers an added mode of access via PIN codes!

The Keypad is the perfect device for multiple igloohome locks, or to value-add to the Retrofit Lock. Great for guests, visitors, kids and more, the Keypad lets you grant temporary access to your home. There’s no need for a smartphone to gain entry, just send them unique PIN codes.

Create an ecosystem

All igloohome locks work offline. What does that mean? No WiFi, no problem! But of course, we're giving you options to take it online too.

igloohome Bridge on the wall

Cue the Bridge, designed to let you do much more remotely, you can unlock your door without creating Bluetooth keys or issuing PIN codes to guests.

You can also check the status of your lock and its battery levels to stay in the loop at all times.

Bundles for more savings

Opt for the Retrofit Lock and Keypad, or grab the full suite together with the Bridge. Purchase bundles according to your needs (and save more!).

The Retrofit Lock is available in UK, EU, and Singapore. For inquiries, reach out to us at