Smart Homes - Adding Value to Properties

By igloohome | 25 July 2018

Photo credit: Home Design Ideas

Remember when we thought we were a long way from futuristic houses shown in movies? Today, home automation has made that a reality.

Smart home gadgets are dime a dozen with new ones popping out on the market every day. They not only come with a myriad of benefits but are slowly becoming an integral part of real estate necessities. reports that home automation plays a part in home valuation, so it's high time to get started if you're looking to sell your property.

What is a smart home?

Tech jargon aside, a smart home is a residence equipped with devices you can control remotely. It's designed for the homeowner to maximise convenience, increase efficiency and improve quality of life.

Think lights turning off once you leave the room, or the temperature of your house rising when the weather outside drops to a certain degree; all at the touch of your fingers. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

A smart home allows you to conserve energy too. You'll be able to see significant reductions in your bills - or at least be able to control your energy consumption via devices that automatically notify you.

What are smart home devices?

  • Smart thermostats.
    Remotely control the temperature of your home, learn your behaviours and provides energy consumption reports.

  • Smart lights.
    Has sensors that turn lights on and off with motion or within a stipulated time. Some can change colours to create ambience.

  • Smart home security systems.
    Integrated smart devices controlled by a central command panel for home security. It'll notify you of suspicious activity for you to take action.

  • Smart locks. 
    Door locks with improved features such as granting access remotely via keyless entry.

These are only a few examples. The list of smart home devices is endless and you can integrate these devices into a smart hub and control them via a centralised panel.

How does it add value to your property?

With the proliferation of smart home products, it's hard to imagine anyone that hasn't heard of Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Consumers are well aware of the benefits of smart home devices; hence, smart homes are highly sought after.

80% of home buyers surveyed prefer homes that are equipped with smart technology. Additionally, it's been reported that property values can be increased by 5% should these features be available in a home.

It's no wonder that property developers across many countries in recent years have been making smart homes a selling point for their new developments.

"Smart Homes facilitate the selling process"

When there is demand for smart homes, you can bet that home automation systems are going to facilitate in closing the sale. It's a great differentiating factor. Often, it raises the home value in terms of appeal. Some may even say that these devices are expected and necessary when it comes to purchasing a home.

Choosing smart home devices to install

When choosing smart home devices, here's the golden rule: the more impressive you deem the device to be, the more reason you should install it. If you're looking to increase the monetary value of your home, think big!

Control 4 - Photo Credit: Connected Magazine

Think large home automation systems like Control4 (pictured above). If you're interested in the sales aspect only, decking your house up with common smart devices will do the trick.

Here are some things to consider:


Nest Secure - Photo Credit: PCmag

The presence of home security systems has always been crucial for home buyers. Smart security cameras, alarms and other accessories that can be remotely operated increases attractiveness to potential buyers, and likewise to tech enthusiasts.

Additionally, devices like smart locks also add to security features. A great example is the igloohome Smart Mortise - equipped with features like a fire alarm, tamper alarm, security lockout mode and more, it'll give you the peace of mind you need.


Amazon Alexa - Photo Credit: Wirecutter

We'll credit the smartphone for showing us how convenient life can be. It's probably why we didn't stop there and continued to seek ways to simplify processes around us. The home is no different today.

Whether it be watching television or listening to music, there's bound to be a device out there that can make that task easier. Devices that encourage the automation of said tasks are aplenty and installing them can definitely increase your home's appeal.

Cost Savings

Nest Smart Thermostat - Photo Credit: Know Your Mobile

Home automation offers cost savings. It increases efficiency and lowers consumption levels, and is a factor that many buyers deem important.

Products like smart thermostats can save you up to 15% while smart sprinklers can save you up to 30% on your bills. Imagine just how much you can save with a home full of these devices! Having these products will improve your chances of a sale.

It's safe to say that buyers prefer move-in-ready homes. They don't want to spend money or time to fix up a place. Smart home devices are definitely part of this recent evolution and installing these products benefits everyone as buyers seek security, convenience and sustainability.

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