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5 Super Basic Home Improvement Ideas

By igloohome | July 13, 2017

Looking for a few simple ways to give your home a different feel without breaking the bank? Check out these simple yet captivating home improvement ideas to upgrade your everyday living!

Wallpaper or wall decals

Change the environment of a room by putting up new wallpaper – either a solid colour or patterned.

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Alternatively, using wall decals can be a simpler, more temporary option to add accents to the walls.

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Staircase library

Try adding bookshelves above or below your staircase to give a more literary feel. As an added bonus, it’s space efficient!

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Closet organizer

Maximise your storage space and make choosing your outfit more fun by installing a closet organiser. You can choose a more permanent option with wooden shelves, or a more temporary option with wire racks.

Photo credits: Hayneedle.co

String lights

Magic is in the air... Change the mood in any room by adding string lights. Choose different bulb shapes and colours for different feels. You can even consider hanging them outdoors.

Photo credits: Gardenista

Pull out tables and shelves

Make the most of your kitchen space by investing in pull out tables for more surface area. No need to add more tables to an already tight kitchen.

Photo credits: kitchensource.com

Running out of space in your shelves and drawers? Use these organisers to neatly store and access your kitchenware and ingredients.

Photo credits: kitchensource.com

Photo credits: kitchensource.com

And here's a bonus recommendation!

Bathroom tiles

Adding tiles to your shower, bathtub, or sink area can dramatically improve the look of your bathroom. Choose white or blue to get a clean look, or try marble tiles for a traditional impression.

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You're now a step closer to redecorating and giving your home a different vibe!

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