Showings made simple.

With ShowingTime® and igloohome.

Having multiple listings means managing access for different people to different locations. Juggling home showings can be difficult. Make the process smoother with the Keybox 3 for ShowingTime agents.

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Grant access to buyer agents with the igloohome and ShowingTime integration.

Link your property listings on ShowingTime to the Keybox 3. This seamless integration allows you to grant access from ShowingTime's app to agents - anytime, anywhere.


Buyers' agents can quickly access a property for a confirmed appointment from the ShowingTime app.


Create time-sensitive access modes for greater security.


Eliminate the hassle of in-person key exchanges.

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Not just easy for you, but for your prospects too

Offer time-sensitive Bluetooth keys for agents to access the Keybox 3. Bluetooth keys are a preferred mode of access. It ensures that you're always on top of who's unlocked the device. Once the keys to the property are retrieved, they can simply enter the home without waiting to be let in.

Hassle-free key exchanges

Easily manage access to the Keybox 3 on the go without worrying about in-person key handovers or loss of keys.

Pay as you go

Don't get locked into long-term contracts. Pay only for what you need at $2/month per device.


Keybox 3

Hassle-free sharing of access.

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No installation woes

The Keybox 3 comes with dual shackles that are designed to fit snugly on door knobs, handles and more. Alternatively, mount it on walls and firm structures.

Customizable access that's easy to track

Set varying levels of access for different visitors. Monitor all activities with ShowingTime®'s Listing Activity Report.

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