Want a 5-Star Review on your Airbnb Listing? Here's how

By igloohome | July 24, 2018

We know its imperative to Airbnb hosts to get that 5-star rating from guests. When it comes to service, Airbnb allows you to put your personal flavour to ensure your guests enjoy their stay with you. Accommodation sometimes does make or break a vacation.

If you want to up your game, the bare essentials may not exceed guests' expectations. Simple things like toilet paper, WiFi connection and towels are found in most listings; but you can set yourself apart with some of these extra touches. Make your guests' happy, leave a lasting impression and you'll be on your way to getting that Super Host badge!

Checking your guests in & out

smart digital lock

While we know booking an Airbnb is not the same as staying in a renowned hotel, it doesn't mean you can't provide top-notch service. Checking in and out may be a hassle when flight times are irregular and are susceptible to last-minute changes too.

This is where igloohome locks come in handy. Be it a smart lock or lockbox, your igloohome product is the 24/7 receptionist rain or shine. Make check-ins a breeze for both parties!

smart digital lock

Simply utilise the Connect to Airbnb feature; you can sync your Airbnb calendar to the lock to manage your property anytime, anywhere. The lock will automatically generate a PIN code and email the details to your guest upon confirmation of their booking. There's no need for key exchanges when you automate this essential procedure.

No one has to worry about lost keys too, neither do guests have to wait for spare keys should they accidentally lock themselves out. Your guests are provided with a fuss-free, convenient, and keyless stay. One less thing to worry about during their vacation!


As frequent Airbnb guests, we do pack our own shampoos, body wash and the like with us. It's great when we find that the host has bothered to stock up on these products in the bathroom too, and it's safe to say other guests will appreciate the gesture too.

However, it's not exactly ideal when we're met with shabby half-used bottles of toiletries. If you're looking to save cost and still provide great service then the presentation is key.

smart digital lock

You could use non-labelled bottles and place them in a holder. Not only are you adding your unique touch, but you could also have it in theme with your bathroom decor. Alternatively, install dispensers in the shower stall and have the bathroom look neat. Fill them up with the essentials and label them clearly. That way, guests will never have to see the half-empty Dove shampoo bottle again!

Other additional touches include hand lotion, sunscreen or even makeup remover wipes. Of course, it doesn't have to be expensive brands. These small details will definitely win the female guests over.

Providing makeup remover wipes are also great for hosts. On one hand, you have happy guests who appreciate the extra mile; on the other, it prevents any guests from staining your towels with makeup too.

Welcome Baskets

smart digital lock

Discovering new foods, scents and flavours are part of the many pleasures of travelling. Step it up a notch with a small welcome basket for your guest; it doesn't have to be lavish but it'll show them how hospitable the country is! A small stash of your favourite local snacks and interesting food offerings is a good way to start.

You could even include unique fruits, local tea leaves and the like. Customise it to your preference and delight guests when they discover the welcome gift.

This is one of the many joys of booking an Airbnb. There is a homely vibe to everything and shouldn't we strive to live like the locals when we're in another country?

Outdoor Equipment

smart digital lock

This is what going the extra mile is to us. If your listing is located near a lake or beach, providing a kayak or surfboard (or information on where to rent these) would be fantastic. Don't let your guests miss out on the opportunity for a morning row or surf session.

Or if you're in the city, items like bicycles, picnic baskets, frisbees and more can add value to your listing! Guests will appreciate the effort as you helped create a memorable vacation for them.

At the end of the day, both host and guest should be happy. If delighting your guests is what you enjoy, these items may start becoming part of the bare essentials to you too.