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By Anabel | March 24, 2023

Ever heard of Military Standard (MIL-STD) Certification? TLDR, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) originally created reliability standards to benchmark equipment that they purchased or designed. Over the last few decades this has been updated to encompass over a thousand different kinds of reliability tests, including rain, shock, heat, impact and many others. We’ve designed the Padlock 2 against 7 MIL-STD 810H reliability standards, to create the toughest smart padlock in the world.

So what does it mean to a layman like you and I? Let’s break down the 7 tests.

Temperature Shock

Extreme temperature (switching from hot to cold and vice-versa) usually causes high-stress for materials, risking many products for failure with sudden changes in temperature. The purpose of the Temperature Shock test is to determine SP2’s ability to operate in extreme temperature conditions. This method assesses how SP2 responds to temperature drops (0℃) and spikes (50℃) within a one-minute window. Today, our Padlock 2 has an operating temperature range of -20℃ to 50℃. 

Rain Test

This test method  evaluates if SP2 can withstand the exposure to rain, water mist or water droplets during storage, transportation or operation. This means you can use Padlock 2 outdoors without having to worry about the weather conditions! The Padlock 2 is not just water-resistant, it is an absolute waterproof padlock that is perfect for your outdoor needs.

Salt Fog Test

When a product is used outdoors, it has to withstand dust, grime, moisture and corrosive environmental elements that slowly degrade the materials over time. A salt fog test enables us to perform an accelerated life cycle test, to give a better idea on how the product will withstand extended outdoor deployment.  . The Padlock 2 can be reliably used in even the harshest of conditions! 

High Temperature Test

This  method uses high-temperature tests to help evaluate the effects of high-temperature conditions on SP2’s safety, integrity, and performance. This includes exposure to high temperatures  that may be encountered in storage or operational situations. The Padlock 2 has been tested  to perform well up to 50℃., crediting this lock suitable for usage in high temperature environments.

Low Temperature Test

There is no Smart Padlock in the market that can operate reliably in subzero environments.  We’ve designed the SP2 with reliability at the core. Everything from the ultra-low temperature Lithium battery to the patented stainless steel mechanism has been spec’d out to withstand extreme weather elements.  The Padlock 2 can reliably work up to -20 °C!

Shock Test

This is intended to determine if our Padlock 2 is still functioning well without damage if it experiences sudden impact while it is operating.The Padlock 2 is designed to withstand over 100 drops from a height of 1m (3.2 ft).  After each drop, the Padlock is visually inspected for functional and structural integrity. And the Padlock 2 passes with flying colors!

Humidity Test

In many tropical areas where humidity levels are high, moisture in the air is a common culprit for product malfunctions. This test puts our Padlock 2 in a warm, humid environment to determine if any potential problems will arise when exposed to large amounts of moisture in the air for a prolonged period of time. The Padlock 2 underwent Procedure II - Aggravated. This means that it was exposed to more extreme temperature and humidity levels than those found in nature. Since the Padlock 2 thrived well through the test, you can have a peace of mind when using the Padlock 2

Our Padlock 2 is not only the toughest smart lock for everyday rugged use, it also doubles up as a reliable lock that allows users to generate PIN code remotely, with or without WiFi! Yes, with our proprietary algoPIN technology, granting access without WiFi is now possible. For many places with harsh conditions, being able to grant and revoke access without being physically present is the kind of convenience that we want to give to our users.

Still unsure? Check out SP2 product page for an overview of all the features this smart padlock provides, or speak to our friendly customer service personnel here!

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