igloocompany wins the 2021 Red Dot: Design Concept award!

By igloohome | August 13, 2021

We are pleased to announce that the iglooworks Smart Swing Handle Lock is among the prestigious group of winners selected for the 2021 Red Dot: Design Concept award!

One of the largest professional design awards worldwide, the annual Red Dot event serves as a widely-acclaimed benchmark for novel products displaying excellence in creativity and design. Every year, it attracts thousands of submissions from companies, designers, inventors, and universities across the globe, vying to be one of the lucky few to be able to access the international promotional opportunities that are only available for Red Dot launderettes.

About our winning product

Designed to improve efficiency, accountability, and traceability, the iglooworks Smart Swing Handle Lock is built to secure high-value data and network devices for data centers and server rooms.

smart digital lock

Our smart lock distinguishes itself by its exceptional design and premium features. Known for its sleek and svelte profile, the Smart Swing Handle lock measures at a mere 40 by 230 by 26 mm, one of the thinnest in the market, and offers 2 power sources (batteries and electrical plug) to cater to different needs.

Swing Handle Lock

push-pull mortise design


The Smart Swing Handle Lock comes with a myriad of ways to gain entry, such as using PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID card or physical backup keys. The lock also comes with intuitive audio and visual LED, to let users know of the lock status. Once unlocked, the keypad pops out to notify operators that the cabinets are unlocked, and functions dually as a handle as well.

Keeping assets safe, and access simple

smart digital lock

The Smart Swing Handle Lock works in conjunction with the iglooworks Access Management Platform. This platform is developed to provide greater visibility for large-scale access management, allowing operators to easily track lock actions for audit trail purposes and manage multiple server racks in one system. Access can be managed across designated server racks, and operators can schedule maintenance access for different users anytime, anywhere using time-sensitive PIN codes.

smart digital lock

Our Smart Swing Handle Lock has yielded vast improvements in operational efficiency for our clients, by facilitating instantaneous and precise control over all entry points. Its implementation has helped them significantly reduce labor cost, human error as well as workplace inefficiencies.

A simplified workflow has further garnered greater client satisfaction and convenience due to operators’ rapid response time in acceding requests. Customers can now be provided with mobile access before their visit and access their rack at a scheduled time.

smart digital lock

We understand that data centers are especially vulnerable to malicious intruders and data breaches. To ensure the highest level of security, the Smart Swing Handle Lock uses advanced AES encryption and server-side architecture, where every data connection between your mobile device and lock is encoded with a timestamp and is only valid at that time.

Swing Handle Lock

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