How to install the Retrofit Lock

By igloohome | September 2, 2022

Retrofit Lock

Install the Retrofit with ease

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

There's no easier lock to install than the Retrofit Lock. No drilling or modifications on your door is needed. Simply plug and play.

Here's a quick guide on how to install your Retrofit Lock.

Compatibility check

Retrofit CompatibilityFirst off, let's see if your door is suitable. Check your compatibility here!

What's included

In your box, you'll find the following items:
Retrofit Lock
Retrofit Extender
Mounting Plate
Double-sided tape
Door sensor
Allen Key
AA Batteries (x4)

Installation guide

Step 1: Place the mounting plate on your lock cylinder

OE1 mounting

Step 2: Insert your key or thumbturn into the lock cylinder


Step 3: Install the lock body onto the mounting plate

OE1 body

Not too difficult, yeah? For an in-depth guide, view the User Manual or visit our support portal for more resources!

If you need further assistance, we're always available at