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Smart Deadbolt 02 vs Smart Mortise - Which should I get?

By igloohome | July 24, 2017

It's been awhile since we last launched the Smart Deadbolt 02. And since then, we are grateful that the Bolt 02 has received so much love. Many were fond and amazed of the sleek and classy design accompanied by its remote capabilities. This makes our Bolt 02 one of a kind in this galaxy of smart locks.

But it's time we introduce something even bigger, and better. This winter, we hope (fingers crossed) to present to you... (drum rolls please) the Smart Mortise!

smart digital lock

A premium smart lock model with more features - The Smart Mortise, in a nutshell. Some of you are pretty sharp to notice something else, other than it coming with more features. "Hey, the Bolt 02 and Mortise are both smart door locks! What is the difference? And which model should I get?" This is exactly the question we will be answering today.

The ultimate smart door lock comparison: Bolt 02 vs Mortise


Mortise (left) vs Bolt 02

Let me bring your attention to the door edge. Compare the locking mechanisms, they do look a little different, don't they? The Bolt 02 consists of just a dead bolt, while the Mortise consists of a dead bolt AND a latch bolt. This brings me to the very first differing factor - the type of door lock.

1. Type of door lock

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing between both products.

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The Smart Mortise comes with a mortise lock while the Smart Deadbolt 02 comes with a deadbolt lock. Hence, for those with existing deadbolt locks, the Bolt 02 is designed to replace your deadbolt and vice versa for the Smart Mortise.

At the same time, let's be realistic. You probably wouldn't believe me if I exclaimed our Smart Bolt 02 fits every deadbolt lock out there. Same for the Smart Mortise. Well, of course, it does not. This brings me to my next point - compatibility.

2. Door Compatibility

Our smart door locks are only compatible with wooden doors at the moment. Homes have been made unique with the addition of shimmering glass doors or fancy metal gates. Why not make them a tad bit smarter by installing our smart locks? A great idea indeed and our igloohome product team thinks so too! While we explore these installation alternatives, your patience will be greatly appreciated.

So back to the topic of compatibility. Watch my eyes widen and jaw drop when you throw me a list of measurements. I am not too good with measurements when it comes to checking my door's compatibility. Where do I start? What exactly am I suppose to measure? Now fret not, we have created step-by-step guides (including pictures!) for you to check your door's compatibility.

Check them out!

smart digital lock

smart digital lock

If you are still not too sure whether your door is fully compatible, send in your photos along with the measurements to We'll assess your photos and get back to you as soon as possible, I promise!

3. Features

We have finally reached the most exciting part! (Well, at least this is what I feel most excited about!) The Smart Mortise is a premium smart lock model, which means it not only costs more, but there's of course more to it as well. Discover the differences in features of the Mortise and Bolt 02 today.

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The above are the main differences between both products. Let us know which features you are most excited about. If you have any additional features you would like to see in our future products, leave us a comment and we would love to explore the opportunities!


Let's say you currently have an existing mortise lock and you have read through the entire post only to find out you want the Bolt 02 so badly. We do have an alternative for you!

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We will be able to do an add-on installation for you! Do note that extra drillings will be done during installations. Feel free to look through the Bolt 02's compatibility document to do the necessary checks.

We hope the above information has helped you through the selection process. Feel free to ping us at +65 3159 1352 or send in your questions to

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