Top Smart Home Podcasts you should tune in to

By igloohome | May 30, 2018

Podcasts provide information in the form of episodes via digital audio. It's just like listening to the radio, except there's minimal singing in these ones. They allow us to easily process a large amount of information on the go. Podcasts are also hugely popular in the US and it's easier than ever to find a suitable topic of interest.

There's tons of information on smart homes on the Internet. Sometimes, we don't know how to digest it too. If you're a budding smart home enthusiast, perhaps podcasts are the way to go.

Here are some smart home podcasts we liked:

The Smart Home Show


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True to its name, The Smart Home Show focuses on smart homes only and airs twice a month. Hosted by Michael Wolf, he brings on regular and other guest hosts onto the show for interviews. Shedding light smart home technology, he covers news, product reviews and opinions.

It's an extremely informative podcast that's easy to listen to; condensed into a 30-minute episode. We think it's perfect for the smart home enthusiast on the go. Listen to it here.

Internet of Things


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If you enjoy thought-provoking content, this is it. The Internet of Things podcast is a fast-paced program that both newbies and experts in home automation will enjoy.

Helmed by experienced tech journalist, Stacey Higginbotham, she digs deeper into her topics to share a variety of news to listeners. From reviews of popular products to the latest news in IoT, she even covers ethics and security in the landscape.

Stacey invites experts in the area of discussion to participate in her show too. Together, they shed light on the dynamic IoT world and provide listeners with greater insight. The best part? New weekly episodes! Listen to it here.



Photo Credit: Technology.FM

HomeTech.FM is dedicated to exploring new technologies, news and opinions in the field of smart homes. Think 'How To's', home security topics, and even discussing mesh WiFi networks; HomeTech.FM is worth a listen for tech enthusiasts and those with an interest in IoT.

Co-hosted by home automation experts Seth Johnson & Jason Griffing, they bring listeners on a wonderful journey of smartening your home. If you want to know more about home automation, we talked about it here too!

You can listen to this podcast here.

Home: On


Photo Credit: Stitcher

This podcast features host Richard Gunther, who provides a comprehensive view of the latest happenings in the smart home sector.

He is usually joined by guests such as respected industry experts, to everyday consumers. Past guests include Yonomi's CEO, Kent Dickson; tech expert, Megan Wollerton; and Will Price, CEO of Simple Control.

Going strong since 2013, Home:ON has been broadcasting episodes twice a month without fail. Since they've been on for a while, their dedicated audience values the opinions very much. Listen to it here.

The Smart Home Showdown


Photo Credit: Itunes

The Smart Home Showdown is a quick, fun and fresh podcast. For beginners dabbling in home automation, this podcast was made for you.

Created in 2018 by passionate tech enthusiast Caleb Stultz, he keeps each episode to a 15-minute format for easy digestion. Every Saturday, he compares the top 3 products in a given category. His metrics? User reviews, smarts and affordability. Things that we consider when we want to make a decision too!

So far, he's covered smart security, voice assistants and thermostats. We're excited to hear what he has coming up next. You can listen to it here.

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