Smart Home Trends: What's In?

By igloohome | June 5, 2018

The Smart Home sector is one of the fastest growing markets. With new disruptive technology releases every day, it can be hard to keep up with it all. We're becoming increasingly dependant on smart home devices, thus fueling their popularity. Here are some trends to watch, and even jump on!

1. Voice assistants



Photo Credit: iworld

Voice assistants are some of the most prevalent trends right now. Popular ones include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung's Bixby. Although Apple's Siri has been in the market for awhile, this trend took flight when Amazon introduced Alexa to their Echo smart speaker.



Photo Credit: LG

Expect to talk more to your devices as companies incorporate voice assistants into products. LG, the South Korean multinational company, has plans to do the same with its Instaview Smart Door for refrigerators (pictured above). Other examples include the smart home camera, Canary, and accessory brand, Dlink, to include Alexa to their security cameras.

Samsung has also jumped on board this bandwagon. They've announced their plans to redirect all products towards being intelligent through Bixby by 2020.

Be prepared to shout commands left, right and center to your devices. We don't expect voice assistants to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

2. Security

Projected to reach USD$47 million globally by 2020, the Smart Home Security sector is a popular topic for good reason.

In previous years, a simple wireless security camera or closed-circuit television (CCTV) was sufficient. Today, companies are taking it to the next level.



Photo credit: Amazon

Let's take a look at the Lighthouse Security Monitor. It can differentiate between specific people (adults or kids) and pets, and sends you alerts when a certain person gets home. It also tells you if an unknown person is in your home. This ups the security level, though it may lean towards technophobia for some.



Photo Credit: Rakuten

For the DIY enthusiasts, Nest Secure allows you to build your own security system. You'll find that it comes with a hub, motion detector system and a satellite detector to guard your windows and doors.

They've even got your pets covered. You can get separate Nest tags so pets can pass through your doors without setting off the alarm.

3. New ways to control your smart devices

Some products are evolving beyond the use of physical buttons to control your smart home devices. An obvious example are voice assistants, as mentioned above, but there are an increasing number of unique hands-off ways too.



Photo Credit: Appleinsider

The Nanoleaf remote is a great example. A palm-sized dodecahedron-shaped remote is definitely different from the ones we are used to.

Activate a programmed scene by rotating a numbered side to face the top. Or control third party Apply Homekit products? It's novel and will probably look good in a design-centric home.



Photo credit: Mac Sources

Other than smart phones, you can get a smart ring like this Titanium Falcon Talon too. It'll sense motion with the purpose of controlling different devices in your home.

We think it's a fun twist to managing the plethora of smart home devices. Want to wow guests? This lightweight gadget is for you!

4. Smart Bathrooms & Kitchens

While it may seem as though every product has a smart alternative, lights, locks and security cameras aren't the only products that can be automated. Smart bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms aren't spared too.


Photo Credit: Kohler

Hands-free bathrooms are a reality now. Kohler Konnect brings you a futuristic bathroom with this innovation. The platform allows you automate Kohler products through app presets and voice control.

Control your facet, shower and mirror lighting with voice commands. Have your shower alert you when it reaches your ideal temperature. Warm your toilet seat up. The possibilities are endless!



Photo Credit: TechHive

For those who love cooking, products like the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator may be god-sent. You can find recipes and play music on the smart display screen while getting busy in the kitchen.

With a smorgasbord of options, it's becoming easier than ever for consumers to integrate these devices into their homes. We're excited to see what the future holds for smart homes, you should be too!

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