The role of smart locks in the midst of social distancing

By igloohome | April 1, 2020

While some of the largest cities in the world are experiencing lockdowns, Singapore is an exception. Till date, our island has avoided implementing curfews and sweeping business closures unlike other countries. However, this doesn’t mean that our government has not stepped up with tighter border controls and stricter measures to fight the pandemic.

Since the 26th of March, entertainment venues such as bars, cinemas and clubs have been shut down. Restaurants that are still operating have to adhere to a 1-m distance between each table, and malls are limiting the number of people they let in. The severity of the impact is evidently felt across the board.

It’s not all desolation

Many of us are hopeful. With a robust healthcare system, the mortality rate in Singapore is at 0.5%. The nation has even banded together to show our support for healthcare workers in these challenging times.

When we stay home, we’re making a difference in greatly reducing the spread of the virus. As such, many have taken to working from home. Teleconferences are held on the daily, unwittingly altering how we conduct business and lead our daily lives.

Got wash your hands or not?

Instead of the usual ‘eat already?’ greeting, you’ll now hear fellow Singaporeans asking each other if they’ve washed their hands. In light of the situation, it is only normal to be more cautious with the things we come into contact with. It’s not a surprise now to see people sanitizing their hands and personal belongings fervently.

Here’s where smart locks can help. To minimise touchpoints with commonly touched objects, smart locks let you unlock the door with a touch of a button. If you’re using an igloohome door lock, you can use the Bluetooth key instead of the keypad. Of course, you should also take into consideration when it comes to keeping your door handles sanitized!

smart digital lock

Can you leave it at the door, please?

As we practice safe distancing, delivery platforms now offer contactless delivery. To keep both delivery partners and customers safe, you can now opt to have your food, parcels and groceries left at the door.

That’s not to say that we’re all comfortable with having it left on the ground or hanging off your gate (intense Zoom meetings can also make it hard to answer the door when your delivery arrives). With your igloohome app, you can generate a one-time PIN code for the delivery man to drop your purchases off within your property.

Here’s Roystern, an igloohomie who’s been featured on Channel NewsAsia, using the Padlock as his 24/7 reception to keep his parcels safe. There’s no need for him to physically be around as a ‘gatekeeper’.

Credit: ChannelNewsAsia

When it’s an emergency

If there’s an unfortunate need for emergency services to gain access to your home when you’re not around, a smart lock can be useful. Rather than have paramedics break down the door, you can issue a PIN code to a trusted friend or neighbour to help.

In cases where you have a caretaker for elderly parents, you can also generate recurring PIN codes for them to enter only during stipulated hours. There’s visibility on who enters when with activity logs and you can get real-time updates when your lock is unlocked via a Bluetooth key.

Simple, safe and smart

In our efforts to keep the virus at bay, we’ve implemented social distancing and work from home for our employees, as well as strict measures for our installers to adhere to during appointments. Likewise, if your company has its BCP in place, a smart lock can help in making fast access adjustments for relevant staff for contact tracing purposes.

We’re committed to all customers. Our lines are still open and we’re contactable should you need assistance with your lock. Additionally, all purchases made in Singapore via our store will receive hand sanitizers during this period.

At igloohome, we want to offer you a peace of mind. With our smart locks, you’ll find accessibility to be more secure and convenient than before.

Let’s stay safe the smart way.