Why are people choosing digital door locks?

By igloohome | August 30, 2018

Digital door locks and smart locks have been catching on in Singapore and around the world. Having to stop, find the right key and stick it in the door lock is not a difficult task; but it's also inconvenient when you're in a rush to enter or exit a space.

As such, more people are adopting smart digital door locks. We'll show you why demand is rising for these devices:


We can't reiterate enough that smart digital door locks are convenient. It reduces the time taken to access homes with a touch of a button, a tap of a card, or via smartphones.

Other common access modes include PIN codes, Bluetooth keys, RFID cards, and biometrics. These save you that few seconds of fumbling around within your purse for keys; even eliminating the need for replacements should you lose them.


Not only are smart digital door locks convenient, they offer a chic, modern feel. These locks are designed to fit any decor with its universal and sleek aesthetic. If you have a minimalistic theme or an upscale futuristic vibe to your home, smart digital door locks are a perfect fit.

Jam-packed with features

Smart digital door locks come jam-packed with features that traditional locks don't offer. It has many functions to ensure your home is secure while allowing you to monitor the happenings of your home.

Some of these features include fire and tamper alarms for your safety. Similarly, auto re-locking and viewing access logs give you greater peace of mind. Finally, functions like granting time-sensitive access to guests and visitors remotely provide greater convenience. These are done via a mobile app, giving you total control over your home anytime anywhere.

The Smart Era

Almost everything is smart these days! What better way to secure these supplements in your home than with a smart or digital door lock? From televisions to bathrooms, door locks aren't spared from becoming smart too. Home automation is increasingly popular with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and the like to automate simple tasks.

It's time to go keyless today!

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