Singapore's top 5 smart digital mortise locks of 2020

By igloohome | August 14, 2020

Have you ever left the house in a hurry, only to realise you've forgotten your keys? Well, being locked out of your home is now be a problem of the past.

With the existence of smart locks, not only will you be able to unlock your doors quietly and more conveniently, your home is also safer and more secure.

Here are 5 of the latest smart locks in the market this year, catered to your own unique personality and needs.

For the sophisticated techies

Samsung lock

Credit: SamsungDigitalLife

Launched in 2019, the Samsung SHP-DP609 is a premium smart lock and one of the priciest of the bunch. This is because of its IoT (WiFi) compatibility which gives you easy access to your lock remotely. Its seamless push-pull design replaces the conventional handle, making the entrance to your home look sleek and stylish.

For the true germaphobes who want to reduce unnecessary contact on surfaces (as should everyone in the COVID-19 era), this means that you can unlock your door from your phone, and go completely hands-free by using your elbow to push open your door!

For those with trust issues


Credit: Home Geeks

A trusted and established voice in the market, you can count on Yale — a 180-year-old brand that is widely known for their reliable and durable locks. They have also been in the home security system business since 2000 so you can be sure that they have expertise when it comes to security.

The YDM7116 is one of their latest lock models that has IoT (WiFi) compatibility, which means your door can be locked with a simple click on your mobile.

If you're worried about kaypoh neighbours looking over your shoulder, you'll be glad to know that this model allows you to enter fake numbers before or after entering your actual PIN code. It also automatically locks your door once it's closed so you know that your home is always secure.

For the budget-conscious


Credit: The Wedding Vow

The most affordable pick of the lot, the Gateman Grab100-FH will not put a huge dent in your wallet. Unlocking your door is extremely seamless thanks to the strategic position of the biometric (fingerprint) scanner on the handle, allowing you to unlock and open your door in one swift action. At this price point, the lock is more digital than smart as it does not come with an app.

Yo won't be able to open the door remotely, view access logs, assign passwords on the go like other locks in this series, but as a no-frills solution, its definitely one to consider.

For the modern and social

If you love having friends over, or travel frequently but have a beloved pet or plant that needs tending to in your absence, the igloohome Mortise 2 is perfect for you.

smart digital lock

The slick and universal aesthetic also sits well with the younger crowd, as the lock is designed to fit most home decor. The Mortise 2 packs a ton of features that you'll find incredibly useful for your busy lifestyle and lets you grant access from anywhere you are.

Coupled with an app, it lets the modern jet-setter generate time-sensitive PIN codes for different guests. Got a housekeeper who comes every weekend? Text a recurring PIN code. Friends delivering fresh bakes to you? WhatsApp them a One-time PIN. You get the drift.

smart digital lock

With many people entering and leaving, you can also be assured of your home's security. Simply view the activity logs to see who's been over. You won't have to worry about locking up too as it automatically re-locks once the door is closed.

Being the latest model of the lot, you'll impress guests with this trendy and modern piece that lets you do so much with so little.

For the family-oriented

If you are looking for a smart lock that caters to all members of your household, this is an option you can consider.


Credit: Lazada

A familiar electronics brand known by many, the Philips EK9100 encompasses fingerprint access, RFID card access, and password access, allowing your family members to choose the option they're most comfortable with.

This smart lock also includes an anti-theft alarm system to ensure the safety of your home and family, as well as the push-pull feature and a one-time pin system to allow visitors to enter your home seamlessly when they head over to your place for family gatherings.

If you are currently still using a traditional lock-and-key system for your home, do consider upgrading to a smart lock to make your life more fuss-free and seamless — we promise it will be a worthy investment you won't regret!

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