Extended Product Warranty

April 20, 2021

  1. This Extended Product Warranty is subject to the terms of the Product Warranty, which may be found here: https://www.igloohome.co/legal/warranty.

  2. This Extended Product Warranty applies to all Products purchased and installed in Singapore either through igloocompany directly, or through any authorised dealers, distributors or resellers (“Applicable Products”).

  3. The Extended Product Warranty covers an additional period of 12 months; and shall commence upon the lapse of the Product Warranty (“Extended Warranty Period”).

  4. The Extended Product Warranty covers only the mechanical and/or electronic components within the Applicable Products. igloocompany reserves the right to charge a sum of S$180.00 for any services undertaken in relation to the repair and/or replacement of any defective Applicable Product (or component therein) during the Extended Warranty Period.

  5. igloocompany further reserves the right to vary, modify, or change the terms and conditions herein due to change(s) in availability of services, products, and/or spare parts or for the purposes of complying with applicable policies, rules, regulations and law, with or without notice to you.