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Get an igloohome Smart Lock or Lock Box for FREE by hosting on Airbnb today! *T&Cs apply 

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Grant access
anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to accidental lockouts and frustrating key handovers. We present to you igloohome smart locks for a keyless and fuss-free lifestyle.

The Smarter Way of
Letting Guests in

With the igloohome Deadbolt 2S and Keybox 2, enjoy the luxury of granting access remotely via the creation of PIN Codes and Bluetooth Keys sent to your visitors from the mobile application. 

igloohome and Airbnb have collaborated because of our shared values of belonging, security and community.

We believe in opening doors, and letting the right people in. We want to make it easy for you to come home each day, and we also want to make it easy for you to share your homes with others.

With this special project, we aim to create opportunities for you and the world to forge relationships by putting the joy back in hosting.

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Our award-winning locks

The perks of owning a smart lock


Time Sensitive Entry
Choose and set a specific duration to how long your guests are allowed to enter your property.


Grant access remotely and instantly via PIN Codes and Bluetooth Keys.


Sync with Airbnb
Automate your guest Airbnb check-ins with the Airbnb Connect service, free! Read more here.


No Hidden Costs
No subscription costs are involved.

CES Asia Innovation Awards 2017 & 2018


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iF Design Award 2018 & 2019: Product Design 



New Airbnb Hosts

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Existing Airbnb Hosts

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Sync with Airbnb

Enjoy a free service provided by igloohome that automates the generation of PIN codes for your Airbnb guests. These codes are sent directly to their Airbnb email, and are valid only for the duration of their approved stay. This saves you the time taken to create PIN codes manually.

Watch it in action

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How does Airbnb connect work?



Why become an Airbnb Host?

What am I entitled to?

Enjoy a 20% discount off your purchase
of the Deadbolt 2S or Keybox 2!

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Step 1.

Try out the Deadbolt 2S or Keybox 2 by purchasing it with an exclusive discount of 20% from your respective stores.

Apply the promotional code "igloobnbdiscount".


Step 2.

While enjoying the fuss-free keyless lifestyle, why not become a vacation rental host.

Start a listing via the link above to list your property on Airbnb. Grant access anywhere!


Step 3.

Accept your first booking!*

*Qualified bookings must be at least USD 100 in value & fulfil the other T&Cs conditions here.


Step 4.

Reach out to our resellers below with your listing number and receive a refund for your Deadbolt 2S or Keybox 2.

How do I make the purchase?

Our friendly resellers are more than happy to share more information or assist you with your purchase!

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