5 checklists for a smarter living

By igloohome | July 25, 2017

At this time of age, we are continuously seeking for new and improvised solutions to build a better lifestyle around us.

Some would agree that lifestyle applications made tasks easier for us, and some might not (let's leave this debate for later). But one thing for certain – we could all enjoy a little help in worthy life hacks to make living effortless. Given the advancement in technology and abundance of smart devices, I think most of us wouldn't mind giving smarter living a try.

Let me now share with you 5 home improvement checklists for an easier and smarter living.

Automated cleaning device

Unless you wished for a dusty and germ infested living space, home cleaning is necessary and unavoidable. Even so, we are dreadful of it. Cleaning is a tedious and backbreaking (literally) task I’ve always wish to evade. Sounds familiar? While it can never be neglected completely, we can always do it in a smarter way.

Delete manual cleaning from your agenda and use robotic cleaners to automate the cleaning process for you. If you shudder at the sight of floor mops and dustpans, auto-cleaning devices will be your redemption.


Photo credits: iRobot

Roomba, iRobot is a robot cleaner that makes vacuuming less laborious and more enjoyable. Roomba automatically manoeuvres towards areas where dirt is detected whenever activated.


Photo credits: iRobot

Using sensor-based technology, Roomba cleverly identifies spaces and avoid potential drop-off areas. Therefore, it requires minimal user effort to operate the robot, making floor cleaning a breeze. Even better, it can now be controlled via an app which allows owners to clean even when they are away from home. Get greeted by a sparkling clean floor whenever you get home, no sweat.

Energy-saving utilities

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Soaring utility bills is always a struggle. When your bills are climbing high every month (sigh), you may wish to tap on energy-saving devices to ensure usage is well maintained at acceptable standards. Consider these series of power efficient household applications as a helping hand to manage your home economically.


Photo credits: Honeywell, Nest, Ecobee

Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell are must-haves for home automation. This device auto-controls room temperature and works as a part of the heating/cooling system in homes. Smart thermostats learn and adapt to your habits and surroundings as well, reducing a need to adjust your cooler/heater manually. Its self-adjusting capability prevents users from over-tuning the device, minimising chances of energy wastage.

Home lightings - a fundamental requirement for visibility around the house. Leaving the lights on throughout the day is certainly not energy efficient. For the absent-minded (guilty as charged), there are app based lighting systems which you could control via your smartphone. This saves energy and reminder efforts for users as well.

Voice-controlled assistant

Home assistants such as Google home, Amazon Alexa helps you to manage your home with a single voice command.


Photo credits: B&H, Logitech


Photo credits: Hotel-R

It acts like your personal assistant, only virtually. If you are looking to improve your home, just having this smart device will upgrade your household to the next level of brilliance.

Security system

No hassle home-keeping is secondary but home security is mandatory. It is a matter of fact that home is the place where you would always feel safe in. If your home is vulnerable to security threats, consider placing a priority to adopt preventative measures.


Photo credits: piper, Alarm Reviews

An all-rounded home surveillance system such as Piper NV, iSmartAlarm allows you to monitor situations at home on your phone, from your location. Conducting periodical checks on your home put your mind at ease when you are away.

Photo credits: realtorcorvello.com

Alarms are good sources to ward off unwanted guests. Plant some on your doors and windows contribute to a protective layer over the house. These are like ticking bombs – it rings to alert you and the surroundings when intruders are detected. Always remember to put your guards up!

Home access

We are all familiar with the steps to open a door – whip out keys, slot, twist, and ta-da, you have successfully unlocked your door. It is simple as that. Yet, this conventional practice seems to be falling behind as more are turning towards better access methods to accommodate an advancing lifestyle.

Photo credits: DeviantArt

The number of times that I had to “save” a family member from a lock-out is endless and no words could describe how frustrating this is. To add on, the entire household would be on a frantic search every single time we lose our keys.

August Smart Lock, Schlage Sense provides the solution for these struggles. Smart lock works together with a mobile app. Having your phone as the “key” saves you the time and trouble for key rummaging and physical key handovers. Another notable advantage they have over traditional lock sets is their capability to grant access to your visitors, anytime and anywhere.


Photo credits: Schlage, August, igloohome

The only downside – most smart locks need to be connected to the internet and this is not exactly cost-friendly. This might also deter usage in remote areas where internet disruption is common. In this case, check out igloohome smart locks that work offline – perfect if you are looking for a wireless solution.

There you have it - the 5 checklists for your home improvement guide. Before we end off, here is a piece of advice: Know your needs - to have a meaningful and consistent plan that eliminates current dissatisfaction should always be your ultimate goal for a better home sweet home.

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