What activities can you do during the circuit breaker period?

By igloohome | May 20, 2020

With approximately two weeks till the end of the circuit breaker measures in Singapore, some of us are eagerly planning activities to do once we are allowed to head out.

While things are looking up, we still encourage that you take the necessary precautions to be safe.

We've gathered a list of activities you can partake in as we count down to the end of this period:

Picking up a new language

Itching to embark on a trip when borders open? Help yourself by learning your destination's language!


Credits: Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

We've found that Duolingo has been the most effective in terms of learning. It's been reported that 34 hours on the app equates to a semester of language courses in a university.

The app personalises your learning and shows you your grades immediately. With two weeks to go, you'll definitely be able to pick up the basics of a new language!

Decluttering your home (or room)

Being holed up at home can be boring, but it also means an opportunity for you to take charge of your belongings.


Credits: Sarah Brown on Unsplash

With our hectic lives, we can sometimes overlook the clutter we've got going on. Clutter can overwhelm the brain and implicate your ability to take initiative, reducing your productivity levels.

You can take the remaining days to get rid of old clothes and products! An afternoon of simply sifting through your drawers, wardrobes and storeroom to organize it will definitely give you some sense of achievement.

Maybe you'll spark some joy after seeing your vision of an ideal home or room come to life!

Dedicating time to a passion project

Ever had a great idea that would solve daily problems you face around the house? Perhaps it's time to get creative. If you've had a passion project, these two weeks may be a good time for you to complete it.

smart digital lock

The igloohome Design Challenge can be platform for you to flex that creative muscle. With over $30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, it might be an incentive for you to share your ideas on how we can live smarter and more meaningful lives.

Trying out new recipes

We haven't met our friends in a while and what better way to regroup than over food? Surprise your mates with your new cooking chops (after days of practice during the circuit breaker period).


Credits: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We especially like this list of YouTube cooking channels to refer to. Get your aprons on!


We've seen an influx of people getting serious about their health these couple months, and we think it's great to incorporate some physical activity after hours of sitting at your desk while working from home.


Credits: Dane Wetton on Unsplash

Squeeze in a quick workout or two with these free downloadable apps. You'll have to take breaks from staring at screens all day too!

It's definitely meaningful to make full use of the remaining time to do something you never had the chance before. Who knows, you may uncover a hidden side of yourself!

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