In this post, we'll be showing you the upgrades and enhancements you can expect in our latest version of the Smart Mortise. 

Smart Mortise 2 v. Smart Mortise 

Here's a quick overview of the main differences between the two models: 

IGM3 Comparision Chart

Let's dive deeper so you'll have a better understanding:-

1. Modes of access 

First and foremost, the Smart Mortise comes with an additional mode of access - RFID cards. If the Smart Mortise's 4 modes of access aren't enough for you, we've added RFID cards to the mix as well, giving you a wider range of keyless options. 

2. Additional Safety Functions 

New child and pet safety functions have been added! This will help prevent any accidental unlocks from inside, all you have to do is activate the safety function on the Mortise's handle. Simple! With this you won't have to worry about your kids or pets accidentally getting out of the house. 

3. Passage mode 

If you're hosting a party or have movers entering and exiting your home, simply turn auto relock off to activate passage mode. This will ensure that your guests will not have to repeatedly unlock your door via PIN codes or Bluetooth. 

4. Types of PIN codes

We've added one additional PIN code type specially for recurring guests - the recurring PIN, this PIN is one that repeats forever. Perfect for babysitters or housekeepers that come over once, twice or however many times a week. 

5. Creating custom PIN codes 

Now, you can create your own desired custom PIN codes when you're within Bluetooth range! We understand the hassle of having to generate a PIN code and then editing it - so we've streamlined the process.

6. Deleting PIN codes 

We've heard your feedback. You can simply delete individual PIN codes via Bluetooth. No more hassle of having to remove all issued PIN codes like the previous model. 

7. Key card capacity and compatibility 

If the Smart Mortise's key card capacity isn't large enough for you the Smart Mortise 2 for sure, will be! It has a impressive card capacity of 56! 40 more than the previous model. Besides that the Smart Mortise 2 is now compatible to more RFID types - ISO14443 types A and B - enhancing its versatility.  

To learn more about the Smart Mortise 2, click here. Or find the nearest reseller to get your hands on them today!