Digital Privacy & How We Handle Your Data Responsibly

By Siddartha Butalia | June 26, 2024

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In today’s digital age, privacy has become a cornerstone of trust between companies and their users. As a company committed to protecting your data, we understand that safeguarding your personal information is not just about compliance—it's about respect and responsibility. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive biometric data, such as fingerprints and facial recognition. 

Our latest product, the Deadbolt Go offers the convenience of biometric technology. We've designed it with the utmost responsibility to ensure your privacy remains uncompromised.

Biometric Data: Secure and Local

One of the most critical aspects of our privacy policy is how we handle biometric data. We take an offline approach to ensure your data remains secure. Here’s how:

  • Local Storage Only: Your biometric data is never stored in the cloud. Instead, it resides securely on the lock itself. This ensures that your sensitive information is not vulnerable to remote hacking attempts.

  • Encrypted and Unreadable: Not only is your fingerprint biometric data stored locally on the lock, the raw data is unintelligible in its pure form. This means that recreating fake biometric data is extremely difficult.

  • Non-Transferable: Biometric data cannot be transferred to another lock without your physical intervention. You must physically program your fingerprint into a new lock, ensuring that only you control where and how your biometric data is used.

Facial Data and Security

Our facial recognition features follow the same stringent security protocols. Any facial data used to enhance your unlocking experience is stored exclusively on the device. Only the person who owns the device can add or modify this data, further ensuring that your privacy is protected. Similarly, the data is stored as zeroes and ones, without any perceptible way of recreating a ‘likeness’ of your photograph.

Non-Biometric Snapshots for Verification

To enhance security and provide a comprehensive visual audit trail, our latest products can take non-biometric snapshots of visitors at your door, these are 2D images without any 3D face scan data. Here’s how we handle this feature responsibly:

  • User-Initiated: The snapshot feature is only activated deliberately by you, the user. This ensures that all captured images are taken with explicit consent.

  • No Biometric Data Collected: During the snapshot process, no biometric data is collected. This means that visitors are not unknowingly providing biometric data.

Offline Operation for Maximum Security

All our devices are designed to operate offline. This means that even if someone has your login credentials, they cannot access your biometric data. This offline functionality adds an additional layer of security, along with reliability, protecting your data from remote breaches.

Commitment to Reliability and Security

We have designed reliability and security into every aspect of our products and operations. From the way we store and handle biometric data to our offline operational model, every decision is made with your privacy in mind.

Our algoPIN™ technology found on all our locks enables remote access without the lock being connected to the internet. In essence we aim to deliver the best of both worlds, the perfect blend of security and convenience. 

In summary, our approach to handling user data—especially biometric data—is rooted in a commitment to security and respect for your privacy. With encrypted, locally stored data and user-controlled features, you can trust that your information is always in safe hands with us.

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